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We're a full-service Amazon marketing agency handling the whole process from set up to advertising.

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What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Reach more customers and boost sales with our Amazon set up, listing and advertising services. We’re experts at marketing products through Amazon, working effectively across both Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. Whether you’re new to the platform or a long-term user, we can help you maximise profits through Amazon.

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Full-service Amazon advertising agency

With a team of Amazon experts with over 10 years’ experience working with a range of clients to promote and sell their products on Amazon, we can provide full-service Amazon marketing assistance. Handling the whole process from setting up your store front and listing products to creating and optimising advertisements, we take the hassle out of selling on Amazon.

We’re experienced Amazon consultants who understand how Amazon works and can implement tactics to get your products to rank on the first page of Amazon search results. With our dedicated Amazon services, we provide a fast track for sellers on Amazon to maximise revenue.

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Our Results


11:1 Average ROAS on Seller


Increased sales by 37% within the first 3 months on Seller and Vendor


8:1 average ROAS on Vendor

What our Amazon service includes:

Initial set up
Product listings and enhancements
Keyword optimisation
Unique product copy including titles, bullet points, product description and A+
High-quality imagery
Amazon advertising
Building your store front
Management of listings and catalogue

We make sure you remain in complete control of your brand and pricing, working alongside you to ensure we truly understand your brand persona and target audience.

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Amazon Services

We create optimised Amazon listings that sell. With completely unique and detailed descriptions, optimised titles, effective imagery and videos, and user-friendly layouts.
We create content that converts. From the product title right down to the Amazon A+ content, we produce highly convertible listings that fit your brand voice. Our Amazon experts write unique content that effectively highlights your products unique selling points and builds confidence with consumers.
We conduct in-depth keyword research to determine relevant keywords that can help your products rank highly and increase their visibility. We then bid on the most profitable keywords for your products to maximise sales.
We make sure you have a product catalogue that is easy to view and ensure everything is quick and easy for your customers to find. Your product listings will be complete with all the details needed to convince customers to buy.
We enhance your product listings with a strong focus on ROI. This includes proactively driving buyers to review products and leveraging this part of the Amazon algorithm to help increase product rankings.
Once your account is set up and your content and campaigns have been optimised, we continually maintain your account. Managing an Amazon account can be hard work and incredibly time consuming but at Castle we’re experts at Amazon’s backend mechanics and processes and can handle all your selling activities on your behalf, cutting out the hassle.
We run Amazon advertisements to boost your products up the rankings, helping you to stand out from the competition and generate increased sales. Using in-depth keyword research, we determine the most profitable keywords to bid on to ensure first page listings, putting your products in front of millions of potential buyers to maximise profits.
We can help both Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors. Regardless of your relationship with Amazon, whether you’re a wholesale retailer or direct to customer retailer, our experts ensure success for your business. We have vast experience working with clients across Seller and Vendor and maximising profits across the two. No matter your Amazon requirements, we can help.

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