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Diversity & Inclusion at Castle

Shaping a culture which creates a positive environment for all

At Castle, we’re working hard to nurture an inclusive culture and celebrate the benefits that diversity can bring as part of the experience of working for us. Culture means everything to us here at Castle. And we want to cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, no matter their age, sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, background, religion or disability. By valuing individuality and uniqueness, we create a sense of belonging.

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. Having perspectives of colleagues from diverse backgrounds enables us to better understand our clients, allows for more creativity, strengthens our culture, encourages innovation and enables us to make better decisions. That’s why we’re dedicated to building a wholly inclusive and supportive culture for all.

To do so, we’re undertaking a huge diversity and inclusion project, taking steps to ensure we build a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for all and fosters a positive and inclusive culture. We know there are no quick fixes here, and this will be a long and ongoing journey. But we are committed to this journey and holding ourselves accountable every step of the way.

How we work to achieve diversity and inclusivity

Training & development

To ensure we are offering the best opportunities for all, we provide regular training opportunities to our staff. We encourage our team to come to us with courses or training they’d like to take part in. This allows all employees to access training that can help them expand their knowledge and develop their skills to benefit their professional and personal development.


It’s important to us that we have a diverse leadership team and ensure we are offering equal opportunities to all. We consistently monitor and evaluate our leadership demographic to ensure the presence of a diverse team. We’re proud to champion women in the workplace, and our management and senior leadership team is 61% women, which is far above the industry and UK average.


We want to ensure our recruitment process is fair, transparent, and allows for a diverse range of individuals on our team. Similarly, we also want to ensure our promotion process is fair and consistent, and we’re implementing policies and procedures to ensure progression is available to all and there are clear steps to achieving this.

Staff feedback

This year we launched an anonymous inclusion and diversity survey with staff. This allowed us to gain valuable feedback from them about the company so we can make positive changes. We’ve now also set up a diversity and inclusion committee to implement change to increase diversity within the company.
Total Workforce
43% women
57% men
61% women
39% men
Account Managers
60% women
40% men

Building a diverse & inclusive culture

At Castle, we are committed to creating opportunities for diversity and there are a number of things in place to facilitate this. Currently, our paid apprenticeships help to open doors for young people from all backgrounds. We’ve also launched an anonymous inclusion and diversity survey with staff to receive feedback and establish hiring based targets as part of our hiring process. As a response to this we’ve established a group of people to drive the diversity and inclusion agenda at Castle, and have set up a social committee of employees who meet regularly to discuss ways to improve staff morale through team events and celebrations. On top of this, we are also seeking out partnerships to bring in external speakers who can provide more knowledge-based training on the topic.

Our induction process ensures we provide support for those with a disability, health issues, illnesses, mental health conditions or impairments. We encourage anyone joining or working with us to let us know of anything we can do to support them in the workplace and any adjustments they need to ensure the best working environment for them. This can include anything from specialist equipment and workstation adjustments to altering working patterns and adjusting aspects of the role.

This is just the beginning for us and we are dedicated to continually improving to develop a truly diverse and inclusive culture for all.

Our Work

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Branding & Design
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Web Design
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