LinkedIn is one of the leading company sites in the world! It uses a host of algorithms to help job seekers linking with their choice of job vacancies and also connect with fellow job seekers and peers. Companies in turn are able to hire suitable employees also increase business by marketing themselves in the best and most professional light.

Make most out of LinkedIn by the following ways.

1. Maintain Updated Company Information

If you want to show your company in the best light then maintaining an updated profile is key to attract more people to your page. Out-dated information is of no use to anyone. Least of all you.

2. Sponsor Your Updates

Sponsored updates are given preference viewership. Organic updates are not given as much viewership compared to those that are bumped up due to sponsorship. Ads are another way to make your updates more prominent.

3. Tailor your public profile URL

Have a tailor make URL that is more sleek and easier to remember. Don’t have a jumble of numbers or letters that would only confuse the person who comes on your profile. Try using your company’s name or abbreviation as the URL to make it look more professional.

4. Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Think about the terms your prospective employers might be searching for and ensure that you’ve included them in your profile – otherwise you might be missing out on dream roles that you’re more than qualified for!

5. Create your Portfolio

Make sure to compile a sample of your works. That way those who want to work with you and/or employ you they would be able to know what you are capable of.

6. Keep a lookout for Job Postings

Many companies publish job postings. With millions connected on a single platform, there are bound to be many that suit your likes and qualifications on a daily basis. Simply connect and search.

7. Endorsing

This is when you publish skills on your profile and your connections backup your claim by endorsing you. This helps with prospective employers from gaining more insight into your capabilities.

8. LinkedIn Groups

Likeminded fellows like to group together. Which is why LinkedIn gives its users options to create groups and share pertinent information among themselves. This helps with information sharing quickly and on a larger base.
The group can also keep growing as more and more people gain knowledge of the group and join in.

9. Share LinkedIn updates on Twitter

With sharing across various social media platforms made possible, it is now easy to be more visible than ever before. You need not copy paste the samething on twitter as well. Simply select and share and stay connected.

10. Make Sales on LinkedIn

Sales are not a hassle either. Just like one lures in employees by make the job look extremely irresistible salespeople can make use of LinkedIn to do much the same. Simply market your product or service to make it look spectacular and rock on!

LinkedIn can be used in various ways, it depends on an individual or the company of how they make use of it.

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