Case Study | How Castle Helped Kays Medical

Kays Medical

How did we help Kays Medical?

1. The proposal

Kays Medical is a UK-based occupational health provider, national and international trainer, and distributor of bespoke medical services and supplies.

Kays Medical came to Castle telling us that they had had a poor experience with their previous agency and required a fresh impetus to take an already successful organisation to a new audience.

To help them achieve this, Kays Medical required a new website, one that had sufficient functionality and that could get them ranking higher on Google’s algorithms. Kays also needed this new site to be connected to their existing Sage stock management system.

The company also asked Castle to design and produce both a physical and online magazine-style catalogue that would effectively showcase the range of training, services and products Kays Medical offer into organised and relevant categories with the purpose of creating the most efficient user experience possible.

Because Kays wanted to place further emphasis on their developing Occupational Health arm and their role as a training provider, Castle was also asked to refine Kays’ corporate image for consistency. This consistency would allow the sales teams to perform better through the use of higher-quality sales materials.

To this end, Castle employed a battery of marketing tactics to take the company to another level, including taking control of Kays’ LinkedIn profile, producing targeted SEO and PPC campaigns, and hosting corporate events.

2. The process

Castle began Kays’ transformation through the creation of a new website. This website was to be based on WordPress rather than the previous system, which had used Magento, in order to make the site more compatible with external plugins. The design of the site itself had to place equal emphasis on the triumvirate of services Kays wanted to spotlight: Occupational Health Services, Training, and Products.

The next phase was the production of both an online and physical catalogue.

With over 3000 products in their health range, Kays Medical required the design and production of a directory that effectively arranged the multitude of products and services they offer into relevant and organised categories, with the purpose of creating the most efficient user experience possible.

Kays had produced several catalogues in the past but had never kept any of the original EPS files (Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics used in vector-based image creation). This meant design began from scratch and required the production of Excel spreadsheets and storyboards, as well as EPS and PDF version of each of the catalogue’s 160 pages.

Castle held a thorough consultation over the specifications of the job with the client so we could determine what style they preferred and what objectives they wanted to achieve with the catalogue.

Castle then produced a thoughtfully designed catalogue that had stunning visual features and was easy to read. The catalogue provided detailed and informative descriptions of Kays’ products and services.

Kays also needed to create connections to their existing Sage stock management system, sales order processing, batch tracking, invoicing and bar code scanning etc. across multiple sites.

Castle achieved this through the use of WordPress as a basis for the site construction, due to its flexibility, ease of use and compatibility with external plugins.

Additionally, we were tasked with providing Kays with a range of marketing tactics to take the company to another level.

We did this initially through the implementation of a targeted email strategy based on data from 30000 customers, which we segmented into sectors, behavioural patterns, and purchase history.

We also took over management of Kays’ LinkedIn account, strategizing posts around thought leadership content with the specific aim of boosting networks and connections. This was a PR exercise intended not for lead generation but rather as a marketing tool. The goal was to garner relevant audience profiles as a way to target existing customers instead of sending direct messages to potential clients.

Besides this, Castle developed an SEO strategy that created target lists of over 50 key search terms, both national and local, based around the three core strands of the business – training, occupational health and medical supplies – with a monthly report ranking high on Google.

Castle doubled down on this strategy through the use of organic search terms with a PPC campaign designed to quickly generate revenue for the business.

Finally, Castle was asked to manage an ongoing series of corporate events – namely, quarterly private dining experiences with 16-20 high profile leads and a keynote speaker accompanied by 4 points of contact from Kays Medical.

A screenshot of a Mac with the Kays Medical website displayed on the screen.

The results

As a result of strong PPC and SEO campaigns, concomitant with a newly strengthened national digital presence, Kays Medical has seen revenue increase by 50% per month.

They have had an overall increase in site traffic, month on month, of 20%.

And the refined, consistent corporate image has allowed sales teams to perform better through the application of better quality sales materials, catalogues and business cards.

A selection of Kays Medical brochure mockups

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