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Are you looking to get the word out about your latest crypto project? Castle can help.

We are a full-service crypto marketing agency utilising our expertise in social and display advertising, influencer and content marketing, PPC, social media management and SEO to help drive growth and maximise exposure for crypto projects.

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Whether you’re preparing for your next NFT collection, launching a DeFi marketplace, or spreading the word about your innovative blockchain protocol, we can provide the support you need.

Full-service crypto marketing agency
2 years’ experience in crypto marketing
A team of 40+ crypto marketing experts
5000 hours spent designing and promoting NFTs
Dedicated account manager with extensive crypto knowledge
We develop bespoke marketing strategies to help you achieve your evolving goals



Our team design, build and run targeted ads across a range of platforms, helping our clients significantly extend their reach and generate awareness for their crypto projects. We have expertise running successful crypto ad campaigns on Google, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, 4Chan and Snapchat.

Pay Per Click

Castle has a team of PPC experts with extensive experience of implementing effective PPC advertising strategies to generate awareness and provide instant results. Our crypto PPC experts can help you reach a massive and ever-growing audience of crypto and NFT enthusiasts on a range of platforms including Google, YouTube, and Bing.

Social media management

A well-developed social media presence is vital to ensuring your brand is front and center in the crypto space. From DeFi enthusiasts to serious investors, we’ll help you reach the widest possible audience with a carefully crafted social media marketing strategy.

We have experience managing crypto profiles on a range of social channels.

Forum management and moderation

Forums and group messaging services are a key part of the crypto ecosystem, providing important spaces for discussion and community building. These services are often overlooked in more traditional marketing approaches, which fail to perceive their importance to the ongoing developments in the crypto world.

At Castle, we have experience helping grow communities through this powerful form of crypto marketing. Our team can manage and grow your community through a range of forums, discussion boards, aggregators, and messaging services.

Content Creation

Content is a vital part of any crypto marketing strategy. Creative, captivating content helps you communicate your message effectively, engage with and excite your audience, and establish yourselves as thought-leaders in your field. But in an area as complex and fast-moving as crypto, this is easier said than done. It’s not enough to capture the attention of your audience – you need to speak their language.

Our team of crypto experts can provide you with far more than just generic, entry-level crypto content. We can provide an array of content marketing strategies informed by a thorough and continually refreshed understanding of the latest developments in crypto. Whether your project is metaverse-ready, pursuing maximum scalability, or looking to establish you as one of the building blocks for web 3.0, we can get your message out there.

Search engine optimisation

Our crypto SEO experts will boost your organic traffic through proven and effective optimisation techniques. We develop and execute creative SEO strategies to ensure you rank for key search terms in your industry through in-depth keyword research and extensive, targeted link building campaigns.

Digital PR and outreach

We help secure coverage with leading crypto press publications and influencers to get the word out about your crypto project. We outreach to hundreds of publications on your behalf, including Coin Telegraph, Bitcoinist, News BTC, CryptoSlate, NonFungible, CoinGape, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and Forbes.

Design services

We have a team of graphic designers who can assist in designing and creating a range of graphics to support your needs, from refreshing your brand and website to creating bespoke NFT collections.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are the lifeblood of crypto marketing, helping you to reach the widest possible audience and establish yourself as a trusted name in a complex and highly competitive industry. With a huge network of crypto affiliates and influencers to draw from, working across a range of platforms, we’ll drive authentic conversation and engagement around your crypto project.

Hype Building

We can help you build hype around your latest drop or project. We manage the whole process, creating a buzz around your next big project. Keeping your community engaged and invested in a project is so important in the world of crypto. Hyping your community up about your latest project or next drop is vital to maximise success. Our community engagement officers are experienced in building hype throughout your community and beyond, ensuring successful launches of your latest projects.

Some of the ways we help build hype include:

Holding regular AMAs

Events like AMAs help to foster a community that wants to collaborate and interact with the team and project. AMAs are a great opportunity to get the leadership team or other collaborators on your project involved to create trust and transparency with your community. We can help you conduct live audio AMAs in the form of stage channels, so you can share a focused conversation with select individuals to an audience of listeners.

Cross collaborations

We can arrange for cross collaborations between your brand and other crypto projects you partner with. This allows your project to leverage off their audience by promoting your brand and the collaboration on their platforms, encouraging their community to visit your channel, learn more and invest in your project.

Engage the community

With Discord or Telegram, it is critical to give people plenty of reasons to stick around. We help bring excitement to the community and make each of your members feel like they are part of the project. We regularly communicate with the community, posting updates and developments as well as running feedback sessions where community members can share their own thoughts and opinions regarding projects. We work to ensure your community feels valued so they remain invested in your project.


We can secure listings for your crypto project on sites such as DefiPulse, CoinGecko, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, CMC and a range of crypto exchanges.

We have the expertise to guide your project through every stage of its lifecycle

The crypto space is a continually evolving blend of cutting-edge tech and innovative ideas. Already acting as a disruptive force across a range of industries, it’s always just one step away from the next big breakthrough – and successful crypto marketing requires an agency that understands this.

With our extensive, up-to-date knowledge of this highly volatile market, Castle is perfectly placed to support your goals through a bespoke crypto marketing strategy. With a full awareness of the unique challenges that crypto marketing presents, and of the radical prospects that the future holds, we can ensure your brand isn’t just jumping on the bandwagon – you’ll be leading the conversation.

Payment Plans


For those looking for a long-term partner to help provide continued growth. We become an extension of your company, working as your own outsourced marketing department.

  • 30-day rolling contract
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Develop a bespoke package to suit your needs
  • Dedicated crypto account manager
  • Resource of 40+ marketing experts
  • Full-service marketing

Drop/campaign package

Ideal for anyone looking for that extra push to promote an upcoming drop or release. No tie-ins or contracts, just a one-off payment dependent on the services you need.

  • Pay per drop or release
  • Single one-off payment
  • Create a hype around your latest release
  • Dedicated crypto account manager
  • Help from a team of crypto marketing experts

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