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The NHS logo for Clatterbridge.
The Swan logo in a white text.
The Hilton logo with white text.
The Graham logo with white text.
A selection of Apple computer products from iPhone, Mac and Macbook laptops. All with various famous brand website homepages such as Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonalds and the Apple website itself.

Your New Brand

Many people don’t understand what a new brand is. They see it as a logo and nothing more. We see it as an opportunity to take the business to the next level, modernise a company or simply take a brand in a new direction. Our designers work closely with you to ensure the brand voice and narrative matches the visual impact and ethos of your company. We work tirelessly until you get the result that is 100% correct for the direction and development of your business.

Truly Rebranding

With our rebranding service, we offer consultation and advice throughout the whole process. We will listen and be honest about the direction of your business.

  • Initial consultation to discuss your requirements and vision for your business
  • Research period to allow us to fully understand your business, industry sector and competitors
  • Initial designs are produced and presented with reasoning and advice
  • We listen – we always listen to the feedback of our clients and develop the brand until it is 100% correct for the direction of your business
  • Branding guidelines are then issued to keep the brand consistent throughout all future collateral and visuals of the brand

What We Deliver

We deliver well-thought-out brands with the capacity to develop and adapt to your companies vision, not only in the future, but in the present too. We supply a full set of brand guidelines so your brand will look consistent across all digital platforms, publications and collateral.


We build a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure your brand is represented the way it is intended to.

Brand Voice

Setting a brand tone of voice plays a crucial part in people trusting and engaging with a brand, therefore we work really hard to make sure the brand voice suits your business.


Whether it is an existing or new brand, we see development as an important role in staying relevant in today’s fast-moving landscape.

Our Work

Take a look at some of our current work, from creating new and exciting brands to development of existing brands, we have vast knowledge & experience to make sure your project is completed to the highest standards.

A Sterling Services brochure on a white background.

Sterling Services

Sterling Services required a complete rebrand. We understood that for the company to stand out effectively from other construction organisations, they would need a completely unique brand with a corporate image that reflected their specific qualities…

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Two iPhones displaying the Swan social media pages for Instagram and Facebook.


Swan came to us with an established brand, and asked us to keep their brand consistency, alongside their marketing requirements…

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A flyer of the Hilton showcasing a 20% off incentive.


Situated in the centre of the Liverpool ONE retail and leisure complex, the prestigious Hilton Hotel asked us to create a number of bespoke advertising campaigns for them, designed to modernise their existing corporate image…

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A front and back of the Bradfor business cards.


As they manufacture a very specific product, Bradfor faced difficulties in targeting their direct market and so they required a complete and major rebrand to achieve a more unique and memorable logo…

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Tablet showing the HNK Instagram social media page.

HNK Solicitors

HNK Solicitors wanted to refresh their brand to make it more corporate, we were tasked with completely overhauling their brand…

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A Mac with a screenshot of the Liverpool Business News website.

Liverpool Business News

Local news agency YB news came to Castle with an old site and an outmoded brand that was no longer fit for purpose. Castle suggested, that to improve YB’s market share they needed to create a corporate image that reflected…

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How & What

How We Deliver

  • blue check iconConsultation process
  • blue check iconResearch in to business sector
  • blue check iconCompetitor analysis
  • blue check iconExtensive knowledge & experience
  • blue check iconGreat team of creatives
  • blue check iconListen & liaise with clients

What We Deliver

  • blue check iconInitial brand concepts
  • blue check iconUnlimited development of your brand
  • blue check iconBrand strategy
  • blue check iconBrand positioning
  • blue check iconBrand guidelines
  • blue check iconExcellent service from beginning to end

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