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We are a specialist lead generation marketing agency with experience helping businesses like yours increase their leads by over 312%.

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Our track record

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We produce results in any sector

These are some sectors we work with regulary

Energy Companies
Car finance businesses
Tax rebate businesses
Life Insurance
Cosmetic Surgery
Home Improvement
Data Breaches

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Considering how you can generate more leads in the week ahead?

With a complete focus on generating revenue for our clients, we use cutting-edge technology and clever lead generation marketing strategies to ensure we generate significant leads. With proven success generating hundreds of thousands of leads for a wide range of clients, whatever your business, Castle can help. Whether you're a B2B company looking for fast lead generation or a B2C brand aiming to generate more enquiries to make more sales, we have the expertise to skyrocket your leads and take your business to the next level.

Increase your leads by 312%

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Our lead generation service includes

A team of experts

We have a large team of lead generation experts with extensive experience generating leads for a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors. With experts in web design and development, design, PPC, SEO, social advertisements, content creation and email marketing, we use a range of strategies to ensure you benefit from a steady stream of leads all year round.

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Data-informed landing pages which drive quality leads

Our lead generation web design experts design landing pages with the specific purpose of generating leads. We make decisions based on data, gathering and reviewing all the data first to ensure we create a page that's fully optimised for conversion, keeps the user engaged and generates quality leads for your business.

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Dedicated social media ads team

Our social ads lead generation experts develop ROI-focused social ad campaigns optimised to drive quality leads. They handle everything from designing eye-catching imagery or video production to writing engaging ad copy, developing social ad campaigns that deliver results. They have extensive experience running successful lead generation campaigns through a range of different social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and more, generating hundreds of thousands of pounds a month for our clients.

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Expert PPC team

Our bespoke paid ad strategies provide instant lead generation and our PPC team have a proven track record helping business grow through optimised pay per click campaigns. Castle's lead generation PPC experts drive relevant traffic to your site to generate high quality leads at the lowest possible cost, working with the design and web team to develop optimised pages that drastically reduce cost per acquisition (CPA).

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Taking a percentage of your ad budget

Does your current agency take a percentage of your ad budget every month? This often means they don’t care about maximising your ad spend, as the more you spend the more they make.

100% of your ad budget spent on ads

Castle never take a percentage of your ad budget and keep it for ourselves. 100% of your budget is spent on ads, and we do everything we can to maximise your ad spend.

Lack of transparency

Is your agency not 100% transparent about everything they’re doing and what they’re working on? Are you left in the dark to where your money is getting spent?

Complete transparency

At Castle, we provide complete transparency. We make sure you’re fully briefed on everything we’re working on and keep you updated every step of the way.

No proactivity

Does your currency agency lack any kind of proactivity? Are you always chasing for updates and feel like you’re always the one pushing for new ideas?

Proactive team

We pride ourselves on our proactivity, always going to extra mile to ensure our clients are happy, developing new ideas and doing everything we can to take your business to the next level.

Not data-driven

Does your current agency make changes based on no evidence? Does it feel like they’re simply plucking ideas out of thin air?

Data driven decisions

We make decisions based on data. We’re always reviewing and analysing the data to ensure we’re making the most effective decisions.

Lack of strategy

Are your current agency lacking in any kind of strategy for your business? Are they not helping you to achieve your objectives?

Bespoke strategy creation

Our specialists spend time developing a bespoke marketing strategy based on your individual needs/objectives and review this with you before implementation.

Always extending deadlines

Does your current agency never meet their proposed deadlines and take forever to get things done?

Fast deployment/launch

We work to tight deadlines to ensure we can deploy your site or launch your campaigns as quickly as possible to start making you money, fast.

Never delivers on promises made

Is your current agency always promising things and never delivering? Are you still waiting for them to deliver results for your business?

Always deliver results

We’re a results-driven agency that goes the extra mile to ensure we’re delivering on what was promised.


Do your current agency spend almost as much on ads as they make from them? Is your ROAS really low? Do you feel they’re providing a bad ROI?

High ROI

Our main aim is to make our clients money and provide a good ROI. Our average ROAS is 10:1, which is far higher than the industry average.

Confuse you with marketing jargon

Do your current agency try to confuse you with marketing jargon? Always providing long-winded answers full of buzzwords so you’re never sure what they’re saying?

We always speak in plain English

At Castle, we’re straight talking and keep to the point. We don’t try to confuse you with jargon or complex answers, we just speak simple plain English.
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Increase your leads by 312%

Fill out the form below and take the first step in revolutionising your business.

Call us | 0151 372 1234