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Our Liverpool Office

Our main office is based in the heart of Liverpool on the prestigious Castle Street, but we work with clients in a range of sectors throughout the world. Get in touch today to book a consultation, we’d love to invite you down to our office to show you around and introduce you to the team.

Castle is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Liverpool city centre. We have a dedicated team of specialists in a range of fields including web development, branding and design, SEO, PPC, social ads, affiliate marketing, videography, content marketing and more. This allows us to offer a full range of marketing to clients whilst maintaining a high standard of work. We’ve become one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK and work with a wide range of clients. Ranging from large international brands such as P&G, B&Q, Hilton Hotel and Porsche to leading eCommerce brands like Swan, Supreme CBD and Steven Brown Art. We are also a leading crypto marketing agency working with leaders in the crypto space like Cudos, NEM and HistoryMkrs.

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About Castle Street

Castle Street is one of Liverpool’s most-loved and most prestigious streets. It stretches from the Queen Victoria Monument on James Street to the beautiful Georgian Liverpool Town Hall and sits right in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district. Perfectly situated for both business and leisure, it is home to many offices, as well as an array of restaurants and bars. 43 Castle Street is situated in a prominent location in Liverpool city centre, ideally positioned within the city’s prime financial and business district. It is the perfect space for Castle, located in the city centre, surrounded by world-class amenities, just a short walk into the city centre, Albert Dock and the UNESCO World Heritage site, including the Royal Liver Building and Cunard Building.

The History of Castle Street

Castle Street is one of Liverpool’s seven original streets and can be viewed on maps as far back as the 13th century. The History of Castle Street dates back centuries. Several hundred years ago, before Liverpool was even a city, it was a medieval town. During this time, Castle Street was an important route to and from the ports and Liverpool Castle, which sat at the top of what is now Lord Street. Liverpool Castle was believed to have been constructed between 1232 and 1237 under the order of William de Ferrers, the 4th Earl of Derby. Liverpool Castle stood until the mid-18th century, and it was located near to where the Liverpool Crown Courts stand today. The courts were actually built to resemble Liverpool Castle, from which they took their inspiration. Our agency, Castle, based in Liverpool, is situated just a stone’s throw away from where the original Liverpool Castle once stood.

Liverpool Castle

Liverpool Castle and our offices on Castle Street helped inspire the name Castle. Castles were placed in strategic locations and became the centre of communities, which is why we have based our office on Castle Street, right in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district. The castle itself also represented a whole group of people who contribute towards its function, which perfectly represents what the team at Castle do. Every member of the team has their own speciality and work alongside their team members to achieve our main goal – maximising revenue for our clients. Castles served as centres of administration and symbols of power. They were built for a purpose, offering defence and protection. We want our clients to know if they come to Castle, their business is safe in our hands. We are a long-established agency in Liverpool, with years of experience successfully marketing companies across a wide range of sectors.

Taking a percentage of your ad budget

Does your current agency take a percentage of your ad budget every month? This often means they don’t care about maximising your ad spend, as the more you spend the more they make.

100% of your ad budget spent on ads

Castle never take a percentage of your ad budget and keep it for ourselves. 100% of your budget is spent on ads, and we do everything we can to maximise your ad spend.

Lack of transparency

Is your agency not 100% transparent about everything they’re doing and what they’re working on? Are you left in the dark to where your money is getting spent?

Complete transparency

At Castle, we provide complete transparency. We make sure you’re fully briefed on everything we’re working on and keep you updated every step of the way.

No proactivity

Does your currency agency lack any kind of proactivity? Are you always chasing for updates and feel like you’re always the one pushing for new ideas?

Proactive team

We pride ourselves on our proactivity, always going to extra mile to ensure our clients are happy, developing new ideas and doing everything we can to take your business to the next level.

Not data-driven

Does your current agency make changes based on no evidence? Does it feel like they’re simply plucking ideas out of thin air?

Data driven decisions

We make decisions based on data. We’re always reviewing and analysing the data to ensure we’re making the most effective decisions.

Lack of strategy

Are your current agency lacking in any kind of strategy for your business? Are they not helping you to achieve your objectives?

Bespoke strategy creation

Our specialists spend time developing a bespoke marketing strategy based on your individual needs/objectives and review this with you before implementation.

Always extending deadlines

Does your current agency never meet their proposed deadlines and take forever to get things done?

Fast deployment/launch

We work to tight deadlines to ensure we can deploy your site or launch your campaigns as quickly as possible to start making you money, fast.

Never delivers on promises made

Is your current agency always promising things and never delivering? Are you still waiting for them to deliver results for your business?

Always deliver results

We’re a results-driven agency that goes the extra mile to ensure we’re delivering on what was promised.


Do your current agency spend almost as much on ads as they make from them? Is your ROAS really low? Do you feel they’re providing a bad ROI?

High ROI

Our main aim is to make our clients money and provide a good ROI. Our average ROAS is 10:1, which is far higher than the industry average.

Confuse you with marketing jargon

Do your current agency try to confuse you with marketing jargon? Always providing long-winded answers full of buzzwords so you’re never sure what they’re saying?

We always speak in plain English

At Castle, we’re straight talking and keep to the point. We don’t try to confuse you with jargon or complex answers, we just speak simple plain English.
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Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion at Castle

Castle is dedicated to ensuring we are a diverse and inclusive workspace. However, we understand that there is always more we can be doing to ensure we are enabling a diverse and wholly inclusive culture here at Castle. We are always striving to improve and evolve which is why we are undertaking a range of diversity and inclusion projects. This includes conducting regular staff surveys where they can provide honest and constructive feedback. We’ve also set up a social committee of employees who meet to discuss and implement ideas to promote team building, improve morale and arrange events for the wider team to take part in.

We’re currently in the process of improving and updating our policies and procedures to provide the best opportunities and benefits for our team. Culture is everything to us. So, we are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture that ensures our employees feel a sense of pride, community and belonging no matter their age, gender, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Our Work

Steven Brown Art

Branding & Design
Web Design
Steven Brown Art is an online eCommerce art and lifestyle brand, selling a wide range of products depicting paintings from iconic Scottish artist Steven Brown. Steven Brown’s award-winning colourful contemporary art has made him a household name in the UK, and he is best known for his colourful McCoo highland cow paintings.


Branding & Design
Web Design
Swan is a UK-based homeware and appliance brand with a strong British heritage dating back to the 1920s. Castle was required to generate more traffic and increase sales through their website.

HNK Solicitors

Branding & Design
Web Design
Lead Generation
HNK Solicitors are a specialist civil litigation firm, based in Liverpool. HNK required a complete rebrand, alongside a brand-new website to facilitate lead generation.

The PAYE People

Branding & Design
Web Design
Lead Generation
The PAYE People were a start-up company who came to Castle looking for a complete branding package.

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