Case Study | How Castle Helped HNK Solicitors

HNK Solicitors

How did we help HNK Solicitors?

1. Client

HNK Solicitors are a specialist civil litigation firm, based in Liverpool. They have a team of multi-disciplined lawyers who help clients make compensation claims for a wide range of matters including data breaches, actions against the police, and criminal injuries.


2. Problem

HNK Solicitors came to Castle looking for a rebrand and a new website to facilitate lead generation. They also wanted Castle to generate leads for their range of services through paid advertisements through Facebook and PPC.

A Mac with the HNK contact us page featured on display.

3. Solution

Castle designed and developed a brand-new user-friendly website optimised for maximum conversions. We then ran a social advertisement campaign for HNK Solicitors as a way to increase leads and conversions. This campaign was incredibly successful and obtained over 600 new leads for the client in just one month. These leads had an 8% conversion rate, around 48 people. The average case value for each case they took on was £1,000-£5,000. The social ads we created, therefore, led to an income of £60,000 a week in converted sales for the client.

A Macbook laptop with the HNK website displayed on the laptop screen. In the background, a screenshot of a Google search for HNK.

4. Outcome

To achieve these results, we created four different social posts which massively varied in design. We did this so we could see which appealed most to people looking for these kinds of services. After running all four ads for a while, we discovered that the best performing ads were the ones that looked like news articles. Once we knew which was the most successful, we stopped running the other ads and put more of the budget into the best performing one. This led to a 62% increase in leads and a 79% decrease in cost. After just a month of running these advertisements, they generated over 600 leads and cost just £1650. With an 8% conversion rate, this means that each lead, which made them between £1000-£5000, cost them just £33.

The HNK Instagram page displayed on an iPad.

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