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Geepas is a global brand selling a wide range of electrical, homewares, kitchenware and beauty/personal care appliances. They came to Castle looking for help to maximise conversions through their eCommerce store, as well as wanting help to run ads to drive more traffic to their site and increase sales.


To help improve the website, we made necessary amendments to improve the user experience and maximise conversions. Geepas wanted to rebrand the website to make it more up-to-date, so our expert Shopify developers made these necessary changes and rebuilt the site in line with the new brand guidelines. When the new site launched, this led to a 37% increase in conversion rate across the site compared to the previous month.

To generate more sales, we set up several targeted paid advertisement campaigns across Google ads and Meta to promote the Geepas brand to a wider audience. We set up PPC campaigns targeting high-intent keywords, competitors and audiences with relevant interests. Our team also designed a wide range of eye-catching ad creatives for Facebook ads promoting specific products, collections, promotions and offers and set up targeted campaigns on Meta to drive sales.


The work we have done has led to a 126% increase in sales in the last 7 days and a 57% increase in conversion rate. We also installed Triple Whale, advanced analytics and attribution software, which combines all the data from all platforms to create a blended ROAS for the whole account. Triple Whale reports that the combined ROAS across the account is 6.70:1 over the last 7 days, 12.79% up on the previous period.

Screenshot of the Shopify dashboard for Geepas showing performance over the last 7 days.
A screenshot of the Triple Whale dashboard showing Geepas stats for a 7 day period which shows combined ROAS.

Social ads

To increase brand awareness and drive sales, we have set up several social ad campaigns on Meta for Geepas, which have led to a 97% increase in sales through social media over the last 90 days compared to the previous period and a 714% increase compared to last year. Year to date, sales through social have increased by 375% compared to the previous year.

A screenshot of the Facebook ads dashboard showing the ROAS on Geepas social ads campaigns

Our social ads team have set up several different campaigns for different purposes. One campaign is focused on cookware, as this is one of their main product collections and upon reviewing the data, we found this is the best-selling collection. This campaign features both static and video ads, our in-house graphic design team has created, and over the last seven days, it has been operating at an 8.87:1 ROAS.

Screenshots of Geepas social ads

We also set up seasonal ad campaigns based on products we know will be popular during certain periods. Due to the recent hot weather and spike in sales and searches for fans in the UK this summer, we decided to set up a campaign promoting their fans and air conditioning units. This campaign included product videos showing off the features of the fans and static ads that highlighted discounts on these products to drive sales further. Over the past seven days, the ads have been running at a 4.14:1 ROAS.

Another campaign type we have running for Geepas is catalogue ads featuring a vast range of Geepas products. This campaign automatically delivers ads featuring relevant product recommendations to people based on their interests, intent and actions, and it works to drive sales in the store. Once a person clicks on one of the products on a website, this campaign can retarget them, repeatedly showing them ads encouraging them to go back and purchase that or other products. These ads have been running at a 6:1 ROAS and have generated significant sales through the website, achieving the most sales out of all the campaigns.

Screenshots of Geepas social ads advertising their fans

Google ads

Retargeting campaigns are another important ad set we have set up, which targets anyone who has previously interacted with the brand in any way before, whether they’ve clicked on an ad or visited the website. These ads repeatedly show to people when they’re using social media, promoting the brand and encouraging users to go back and shop with Geepas. These ads are currently running at a 5.47:1 ROAS. As a result of these effective retargeting ads, the returning customer rate has increased by 62% year to date, 67% over the last 90 days, and 70% in the last 30 days compared to the previous year.

Sales by social traffic year-to-date (YTD) have increased by 379% compared to the previous period, with sessions up by 146%, showing we have implemented effective targeting on the ads, and they are generating increased sales for Geepas.


Screenshot of Geepas returning customer rate on Shopify.

To further increase brand awareness and generate sales from those searching Google for related products and brands, we set up several Google ads pay-per-click campaigns. Last month, the account was running at a 6.87:1 ROAS overall. These campaigns utilise a combination of static and video ads, display ads, Google Shopping and text ads. We use performance max campaigns, which use Google’s AI to optimise bids and placements to drive conversions.

The campaigns we are currently running include a sales performance max campaign, which is a generic product sale campaign, including statics and video ads of their best-selling lines as well as a catalogue of their entire product range, which Google Shopping can pull from and show when someone searches for a relevant product or keyword. This campaign is currently running at a 6.33:1 ROAS.

As Geepas has a huge catalogue of products, we set up one campaign that aims to promote the slow-selling lines specifically to push sales in these areas. This campaign has worked well for the client, generating a significant amount of revenue, pushing previously low-selling products, and operating at a 7:1 ROAS.

Similarly to the Meta ads, we’ve also set up a PPC campaign to promote their fans and air cooling systems to leverage off the increased searches for these during the hot weather in the UK at the time. This campaign has been running at a 5.12:1 ROAS.

To protect their brand, we also set up a brand search campaign which ensures the Geepas site and Geepas products are at the top of the search results when someone searches for the Geepas brand name or a related keyword. This campaign targets high-intent customers, as they are already searching for Geepas, so we want to ensure we’re capturing these people when they’re most likely to buy and make sure that other brands aren’t leveraging off the client’s brand searches. Due to the nature of the audience, the ads are targeting, this brand search campaign operates at a very high ROAS of 11.22:1.

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Geepas is a global brand selling a wide range of electrical, homewares, kitchenware and beauty/personal care appliances. They came to Castle looking for help to maximise conversions through their eCommerce store, as well as wanting help to run ads to drive more traffic to their site and increase sales.

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