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We generate revenue for our customers – completely risk free!

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Affiliate Intro

Our fully-managed affiliate marketing service delivers risk-free revenue, increased brand awareness and improves website traffic. We connect you with affiliates that match your brand and have proven success in your sector to guarantee growth and maximise your revenue. What’s more, you only pay us based on the revenue that we deliver. No contracts, no brainer!

  • Risk-free revenue, commission-only fees
  • Access to a network of over 13 million affiliates
  • Affiliates with established success in your sector
  • A tailored approach for maximum growth
  • No contracts – we’re that good!
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Revenue Generated
13 million
Increase in traffic

What We Offer

  • Cashback websites such as TopCashBack or Quidco
  • Social media influencers or bloggers
  • Editorial content affiliates
  • Discount code affiliates

We are proud of our tailored approach, taking time to develop a thorough understanding of the market and your objectives before putting together a bespoke, comprehensive strategy to ensure the highest return on investment.

We have extensive knowledge working in a wide range of industries including retail, leisure, health and fitness, sports, betting, art and travel. Our extensive base of advertisers within your industry gives us unrivalled insight into what makes your customers tick.

We tap into our existing network and reach out to new affiliates specifically for your business to secure relationships that work for your brand. We choose affiliates who fit in with your brand image and perform well in that industry. We manage the entire process including each and every campaign we send out to our network.

How we deliver

Increased Traffic

We focus on increasing the traffic to your website by partnering with affiliates. On average, we see a traffic increase of 260% when working with affiliates and influencers.

Generating Increased Revenue

Our affiliate marketing programme will generate new revenue for your business. We have seen an average revenue increase of 25% when we working alongside affiliates, influencers and other online advertisers.

Increased Brand Awareness

Our affiliate marketing model can get your brand out to thousands of people for free. As a result of affiliate marketing, we’ve seen direct traffic increase by 196%.

Build Sustainable Growth

We work with you to produce a sales-focused campaign by engaging your key audiences and influencing others by building on your brand perception.

Our affiliate marketing managers continue to outreach and add new affiliates to the platform each week. This allows you to continually promote your brand to a wider audience to increase brand awareness and maximise revenue, providing sustainable growth over time.

Fast Movement of Stock

Got an end of line product you want to shift fast? Affiliate marketing is a great, cost-effective way to sell remaining stock quickly with little effort needed on your part!

We communicate with affiliates on your behalf and send them updates on what products or stock you’d like them to push at what time. If you’re introducing a new product or line, we can ensure the affiliates have content prepared to promote when you launch. If you’re looking to sell a high quantity of stock fast with little work needed on your part, affiliate marketing is the ideal choice.

Creating Partnerships That Work

We work with many different influencers and affiliates on brand campaigns, targeting individuals with large audiences or audiences made up of your target market to promote your brand. Castle’s affiliate program is wholly transparent, so you will always know who is promoting your brand and where; and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all of the publishers have passed strict compliance checks.

We manage all communications with affiliates, including providing training on how to promote your products and brand effectively, saving you the hassle. Free up your time whilst our affiliate team manage millions of affiliates for you and report to you weekly on performance.

Our Affiliate Program

We use Awin, one of the world-leading affiliate platforms. We integrate your website with our platform which hosts over 13 million affiliates. This can be done by our own team of experienced developers, or your own. We then manage the entire process, which includes the following steps:

  • We open a network for your brand and invite affiliates on mass to join the program.
  • Each affiliate is carefully vetted by our team before they are accepted on the program and given the tools, designs and banners they need to promote your brands – all provided by us.
  • Our affiliate marketing team give affiliates training and guidance on how to successfully promote your products. From this, we create a list of high performers that we can continually use to promote your brand and your products. We create a relationship with these people to make them ambassadors of your brand.

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