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How did we help BiFold Local?

1. Objective

BiFold Local came to Castle for help with lead generation. They had previously run ads through another agency but were unhappy with the results and high CPL. They also wanted help developing a new website with advanced lead forms that would help minimise the number of low-quality leads.

2. Solution

To help generate leads for Bifold Local, we first designed and developed a new lead generation site to send the leads to as their previous website had very low conversion rate and was not very user-friendly or informative. After the new website went live, we started to run targeted social ads through Facebook and Instagram to generate leads to their site. We then set up PPC campaigns targeting high-intent keywords, competitors, and audiences with relevant interests. To tackle the low-quality lead issue, our team improved the lead form on their existing site by adding more fields so customers had to provide more detailed information. This led to a higher number of quality leads.

Image of a computer mockup showing the BiFold Local website design

3. Outcome

In the few months we have been working with BiFold Local we have already generated hundreds of leads for them. In just a few weeks we managed to decrease the cost per lead (CPL) by 91% whilst increasing leads by 650%. We’re now on track to produce 200 leads a month on average for BiFold Local.

Mockup of an iphone screen showing a BiFold Local social ad on Facebook

Targeted social ads strategy

BiFold Local has seen a huge lead increase through our paid social campaigns. We’ve ran several social campaigns for BiFold Local, targeting both national and local locations. In the time we’ve been running the ads we’ve managed to increase their leads by 650%. We’ve also worked to optimise the ads which has seen the CPL drop by 91%.

As you need to be a homeowner to make a home improvement like installing bifold doors, we didn’t target any specific interests. Instead, we decided as a team to conduct in-depth research into postcodes all across England and Wales that would be most suited to have bifold doors fitted into their home and target these locations instead. This method has been extremely successful and our ads are averaging at a potential ROAS of 388:1.

With these ads we knew we needed to capture the eye of our consumer and make them stop scrolling and pay attention. We needed to attract them, keep them engaged, and then convince them to choose BiFold Local to conduct their home improvement. We did that through creative, eye-catching imagery and simple, short ad copy that draws the customer in and keeps them engaged.

To make the ads stand out, our design team designed bold, beautiful creatives that captured the quality of the bifold doors and showed viewers how they could transform their home. We used bright, eye-catching lifestyle imagery of beautiful homes with bifold doors fitted, with short, simple ad copy that highlights the benefits and draws customers in. We also used bold text to highlight USPs such as ‘FREE fitting’ and ‘25% OFF SALE’ which would help to catch the customer’s eye.

Mockup of an iphone screen with a BiFold Local social ads showing on the Facebook app

Fast lead generation landing page development

Our lead generation experts conducted a full marketing audit into BiFold Local and discovered that the website had a very low conversion rate as it wasn’t fit for purpose. The old site was not very informative, hard to navigate and didn’t make it easy to enquire. So, we decided that to increase the number of leads and reduce CPL, we needed to design and build a new site optimised for lead generation.

Our UX designers reviewed the data from the old site and designed a new UX-focused site that not only looked great but was easy to navigate, informative and filled with CTAs, making it easy for people to convert. We made sure to use plenty of attractive visuals of their bifold doors as well as include testimonials from customers to add a level of trust. Our content team also created optimised content that encouraged conversion.

As we needed to generate leads fast and wanted to ensure we were maximising spend and not wasting money on a page that wouldn’t convert, we created this lead generation site quickly as a priority. We developed a single one-page site optimised for conversion so we could get ads up and running as quick as possible, and are working on adding to and developing the site further over time.

We are now also in the process of developing an eCommerce store for BiFold Local so they can expand their business to the selling, manufacturing and distribution of bifold doors nationwide.

Mockup of a desktop computer screen with the BiFold Local design showing on XD

High performing pay-per-click campaigns

At the beginning of 2022, we also ran a series of pay-per-click campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate high quality leads. We set up a variety of campaigns including display ads and text ads.

We used display ads to target people with relevant interests such as home improvement, home décor, interior design and DIY for example to show our ads with eye-catching visuals. This helps to increase awareness, and if anyone clicks onto the BiFold Local site or ads, we then continued to retarget them so they can see the ads across other websites, YouTube, Gmail and other apps, ensuring we are always front of mind when people are ready to enquire.

Our text ads target high intent keywords such as ‘bifold doors’, ‘bifold doors uk’ and ‘aluminium bifold doors’ as well as competitor sites and names as these ads tend to generate a higher quality of lead. Throughout January, our targeted pay-per-click campaigns managed to generate over 1000 clicks, over 24,000 impressions and ran at a potential 97:1 ROAS.

Mockup of a desktop computer screen showing the BiFold Local website

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