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How did we help Supreme CBD?

The client 

Supreme CBD are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality CBD products. Endorsed by athletes, Supreme CBD products are third-party lab tested and CBD content verified to ensure quality and consistency. They sell a range of CBD products from traditional full-spectrum oils to capsules, CBD gummys, balms and E-liquids.

The brief

Supreme CBD required a brand refresh including new branding and eCommerce website redesign to align them more within the health and fitness market. Supreme CBD wanted a new website with a clean design and built with UX functionality to help increase conversion and maximise sales. We worked alongside Supreme CBD to make their vision a reality, delivering a new and improved brand identity and eCommerce site fit for purpose.


We executed a brand refresh for Supreme CBD to align them more within the health and fitness market, moving them away from the typical ‘CBD’ style branding they had previously. This helped them to stand out more from other brands and made them look more reputable within that market. Alongside this, we designed and developed a brand-new fully-optimised eCommerce store on Shopify Plus, to fit with the rebrand. We then worked to optimise the site for conversions, making adjustments that would maximise revenue from the traffic we were already getting. We then implemented an email marketing campaign to help increase customer retention and encourage customers to return and repurchase.

The work we did led to a 53.85% increase in revenue in 2021.

Brand development

Supreme CBD wanted a rebrand to provide a fresh new look that aligned more with their goals. They wanted to position the brand more within the health, wellness, medical and fitness market, so required cleaner and more premium looking branding. Our experienced graphic designers spent time conducting extensive market research and competitor analysis to develop branding with a cleaner more minimalist look and feel.

They incorporated the hemp plant leaf from the existing branding and created a rounded geometric line symbol to give it a more premium, natural look. By changing the background to white and the lines to a more muted green we helped to move them away from the typical cannabis/CBD branding making them look more medical and modern. By still incorporating the hemp leaf within the branding it allowed Supreme CBD to still be recognised and positioned as a CBD brand just by the symbol, but the cleaner more modern look gave it a medical, premium feel whilst highlighting the fact it’s an all-natural product.

mockup of a laptop screen showing the Supreme CBD logo next to a green mobile size screen also showing the Supreme CBD logo

Bespoke Shopify web design

Castle completely redesigned and developed a new Shopify store for Supreme CBD with a cleaner look and feel, in keeping with their new brand image. We firstly conducted an in-depth review of their current website to gain a deeper understanding of how their business worked and what improvements needed making.

We designed a bespoke Shopify web design for Supreme CBD, which allowed for unlimited potential in terms of design, layout and functionality. Conversion and revenue generation was at the heart of the new website design process.

We made the site easy to navigate with a simple customer journey allowing customers to make a purchase quickly and easily, helping to increase conversion to 4.5% year to date. We did this by implementing a number of UX focused design choices including an easy-to-use menu that would take you directly to a specific collection of products, minimising the time it takes for customers to find the product they want. Adding direct links and add to cart buttons for the best-selling products on the home page, and implementing a dynamic slide out shopping cart that can take you straight to checkout once you’ve added a product to your basket for easier and faster conversions.

The whole website design was created with UX in mind. We designed a strong image-led, rotating banner at the top of the page highlighting key products and USPs. Testimonials were added to the homepage to add a level of trust and we highlighted the fast UK delivery options.

Mockup of a laptop with the Supreme CBD and Shopify logos

Shopify web development

We built the Supreme CBD site on the Shopify platform as this allowed them to benefit from leading eCommerce management tools, advanced content management systems and allowed for simple scalability when needed. As the primary goal was to increase sales, we developed a bespoke feature-rich eCommerce site with industry-leading technology, putting UX first.

There are a number of regulations in place that make the sale of CBD products online tricky. This limits the amount of advertising we could do to promote Supreme CBD. Because of these limitations, we focused on increasing the conversion rate and average order value on the site to make the most out of the traffic we do get.

Our Shopify web development experts developed the new eCommerce store from the ground up, developing a bespoke website with advanced functionality. Making the site flow so that purchase is easy and uncomplicated, using overlay pop ups to try to discourage people from leaving the site, and using a combination of abandoned basket emails and cart pop-ups to rescue any potential revenue that could have been lost, helped us to maximise the traffic on the site and increase conversions.

Image of a desktop screen showing the Supreme CBD desktop site, next to a phone screen showing the Supreme CBD mobile website

Intelligent upselling

We also implemented a number of upselling opportunities across the site including adding a ‘you may also like’ section to each product page showing relevant products customers may also like to buy with quick add to cart buttons. As well as a ‘bundle offer’ section which auto-generates a bundle based on the products the customer has viewed, previously ordered and overall popularity, which shows a discounted price for adding all to the cart.

We also took advantage of in-cart upselling opportunities by adding a ‘frequently bought together’ section on the cart with quick add buttons so those who are already buying can quickly add more, increasing the average order value. By providing a personalised shopping experience based on the individuals historical viewing data, we were able to show users products they were most likely to be interested in. We also added a pop-up that advertises you can get a ‘free gift if you spend £150’, encouraging people to spend more to receive the free gift, and even allowed customers to choose their own free gift. As a result of these intelligent upselling opportunities, we managed to increase average order value by 6%.

Mockup of a desktop screen with the Supreme CBD website showing bundles next to a phone screen of the Supreme CBD bundles

Clever ecommerce optimisation tactics

We ensured the Supreme CBD site was fully optimised before launch, applying SEO best practices into every element of the Shopify store. When developing the website, we ensured it was built with an SEO-friendly site architecture and navigation to allow for ranking in search engine results pages. Firstly, we wrote SEO-friendly product descriptions for each product on the site, ensuring they’d rank for branded terms and product names.

Our SEO focus was initially on strengthening the site ranking and domain authority, through ranking for product centric keywords. The product centric and long-tailed keywords (such as ‘CBD 1000mg’, ‘CBD oil 30%’) have a higher conversion potential and are less competitive to rank for, making them more cost effective.

We worked to strengthen the domain authority, as this would help the Supreme CBD website rank higher organically. To do this, we created a series of optimised blogs related to the most profitable category pages. We did extensive keyword research to identify keywords with low difficulty scores that we could easily rank for to capture traffic searching for these relevant terms. We implemented a silo linking strategy, linking the blogs back to relevant categories. This ensures we created a path for crawlers that indicates the importance of the category pages, encouraging site links that convert well, improved product rankings and ultimately, increased conversions.

Mockup of a desktop screen showing the Google search results for Supreme CBD

Customer retention through email marketing

Once the new Shopify site was live, we worked to increase the email database. We did this through offering discounts on site for inputting your email. We then used email marketing to reach an already engaged audience, as those who had signed up to our email marketing list were either interested in the product or had already purchased from Supreme CBD before.

We regularly sent out emails promoting new products, discounts and sales as well as providing tips and tricks and information surrounding CBD. By adding value to the products we know these customers are already interested in, we were able to bring people back into the purchase cycle, creating returning custom and increase returning customer rate by 103% in the second quarter and a further 35% in the 3rd quarter.

Mockup of a phone screen with a Supreme CBD email on the screen

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