Landing pages can be a great marketing tool – if they’re being optimised correctly, that is. It can be a time-consuming process, but if you stick at it you should see results. Here are just a few things you should consider with your landing pages to get the most out of them.

Look at your conversion rate

Generally, landing page conversion rates are pretty low (around 2-6%). While this is a low number, a small conversion is still better than no conversion – so keep working on your landing pages! If your conversion rate is little to non-existent, this could be an indication of a problem with your landing page.

So, look at it from the perspective of your customer. Does it have a good design, or is it something you’d click away from? Is what you’re offering appealing to your target audience? Is the purpose of your landing page clear immediately? Remember, you’re trying to sell not only your product/ your service, but also your brand. Ensuring you have a neat, tidy landing page design with clear information can help you go a long way.

A heatmap can be a great tool for helping you identify what’s working well and what needs more work, as it can identify where your audience are clicking the most on your site. Look at areas that aren’t being clicked so much and ask yourself why. Is it a bad headline? Poor call to action? Whatever it is, use the heatmap to get pointers on where you can improve and track the results.

Here are just a few elements you may want to incorporate into your landing page that can improve your conversion rate.

  • Keep call-to-actions clear and concise
  • Have important information above the fold
  • Keep a simple design and eliminate any clutter

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