Search engine optimisation is a vital digital marketing tool. Used to make your website more visible on search engines such as Google to increase traffic. And create more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. SEO importance is not only useful for bringing more people to your website but by perfecting methods and procedures on your website. You can position yourself as a reliable specialist in your area while building relationships with customers and improving brand awareness.

While paid advertising and social media can bring traffic to a website, organic search results created from a good SEO campaign can receive more clicks than the advertisement. The higher you rank from a search result, the more likely a prospect is going to visit your website. Having a site that is supported by the right keywords, content and other factors can increase your sites ranking over time organically. Whereas paid advertising requires constant funding to bring traffic to a website. Optimising your site using SEO, will help search engines crawl and index your content so that it can be properly displayed within search results.

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Elements of SEO


Content on a website must be relevant to your business and provide valuable information. This content can come in many forms, such as videos, blogs, or infographics. This is what a prospect will want to click on to find out more. Content that is informative and keeps people reading, will establish credibility with your audience. SEO importance and high-quality content will also improve your rankings.

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Keywords on your pages and post must also be relevant to the content provided. It is important to research them and review which ones will be most effective in bringing more people to your site. Including long tail and short tail keywords that have a high search rate. Also, low competition keywords will prove most effective. Keywords can also be used to optimise images using alt tags, URLs, and other on-page elements. If you are looking to gain prospects from a defined area, implementing local keywords such as ‘solicitors in London’ will help target those in the area searching for that term. Other local SEO practices such as claiming listings on directories and creating profiles for your business on Google maps and Google my business, can help your site bring in more traffic too.


One main form of off-page SEO is backlinking, the more backlinks a site has the more likely it is that search engines will consider the content as reliable and useful. Having multiple backlinks from trustworthy, quality sites will improve your domain authority on Google and increase traffic. You can build your backlinks by guest blogging or creating infographics that will be shared across different platforms. These techniques refer to ‘White hat SEO’ and are the best practices and strategies used to improve website rankings on search engines, whereas ‘Black hat SEO’ are methods that attempt to mislead search engines by buying backlinks from unreliable websites, keyword stuffing, invisible text and many others. These sites are usually penalised or removed entirely from search engines.

User experience

Creating a better user experience for visitors is also critical to retain their interest and hopefully gain their custom. UX works alongside SEO importance. Optimising your site with on-page SEO will benefit usability, creating a smooth and positive customer experience. For example, by improving the load rate and mobile usability of your site, the bounce rate will be reduced, and users will be more encouraged to stay on the site. Almost 50% of consumers expect a page load of fewer than two seconds. The longer a person spends on your site, the better, as search engines see time spent on a site as an indicator you are providing valuable content.

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SEO importance for a business

By applying these elements into practice, there is no question that your site will begin ranking higher on result pages. Increasing the chances of prospects clicking on your site.

In conclusion, the fundamental reason SEO is essential to a business and a website is that it can help achieve many businesses aims and objectives. SEO can help construct better relationships with a specific audience. Along with improving the customer experience, increasing authority, driving more people to a site, gaining an advantage over the competition, and boosting conversions. This in term means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for a business.

As you can see, SEO is a multifaceted undertaking that involves various techniques, tactics, and best practices. It can help a business accomplish a number of goals, including ones concerning; website traffic, customer conversions, customer experience, brand awareness, and much more. Additionally, these best practices are forever changing due to consumer and web-user behaviours, as new technologies emerge, and as search engines change procedures. That being said, SEO is still the most important tool for any business, that wants to be detectible online.

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