The affiliate industry is one of the fastest-growing branches of marketing and is highly profitable for both the brand and the affiliate. With the market becoming saturated with influencers and product promotion, why is now the best time to become an affiliate?

What is an affiliate?

The term ‘affiliate’ itself covers a broad range of individuals; an affiliate can be an Influencer, blogger, YouTuber, or even a company or individual running a discount code or price comparison website. The main problem when starting as an affiliate is gaining momentum enough to influence your follower’s spending habits. Brands want to see great content, and great engagement now, more than ever.

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Why is now the right time to become an affiliate?

We’re coming up to one of the most profitable events in the retail calendar – Black Friday, and becoming an affiliate now gives you the chance to grow your platform by sharing discount codes and reviewing gifted products on the hundreds of fantastic deals coming up in the next few weeks.

Sharing discount codes and reviewing gifted products on social media has proven to boost following and engagement time and time again, which is a win for you and a win for the brand you have partnered with. This helps you as an affiliate gain even more momentum and speeds up the process of becoming an established influencer in your chosen field. Now is the time to cash in.

Could I become an affiliate?

The great news is, you don’t necessarily need to have thousands of followers to benefit from these incentives, and to become a brand ambassador, you just need great content.

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Signing up to a Global Affiliate Network like Awin allows you to partner with brands you love and collaborate in the form of discount codes or gifted products. The beauty of Affiliate Networks is that they allow you to create a unique link to a specific product or service, which you then share on your social media. When a follower clicks on the link and buys the brand’s product, you earn a commission.

Where do I begin?

Our fantastic client Swan is offering exclusive Black Friday deals from the 16th of November until the 4th of December. Through Swan’s affiliate program on Awin, affiliates can enjoy discount codes and gifted products to share on their social media and be the first to know about extra opportunities to earn bonus commissions. Don’t miss out on the most profitable event of the year – sign up to Awin following the link below, and search for Swan Brand to join their affiliate program and start earning a commission on the Black Friday sales.

Swan Black Friday Event