From colour fonts to maximalism. Here are the five top graphic design styles that’ll be making an impact in 2018!

1. Colour Fonts – graphic design

If you need to know about only one graphic design trend for 2018, Colour fonts are it.

Bungee, a signage-inspired colour font by David Jonathan Ross

Chromatic fonts. More commonly known as colour fonts. Are OpenType fonts with supplementary information attached in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. Meaning that colour font files, store additional info such as colour, texture, or gradient.

Colour fonts, in line with the fashion for all things over the top, are often flirting with poor taste. But are meant to bring some fun back into design, make a welcome withdrawal from the exactitudes of minimalism.

More and more colour fonts are becoming available, there is a developing list on Adobe’s Typekit site.

2. Animated Typography

We are also going to witness the colour font movement go a step further using animated versions of colour fonts, in digital design. Consequently  these typographies will bring with it an extra zing of interactivity and pleasure to social media content, all forms of branding, and app use in the coming year.

Multicolore, the typeface designed jointly by Ivan Filipov and Vaidas Chmieliauska. Along with both animated and inert versions, catering to the new sensitivity toward lively typography.

3. Texture in Print Design

There’s an obvious and clear disparity between printed design. Which has a physicality and tactility that web design can’t rival. Which is why it is still an indispensable tool for marketing.

But while print design has seen attention directed away from it. Leading toward the design industry’s emphasis on graphic design in recent years. However, not to be disheartened. Print designers have been unobtrusively and expertly carving out a place for print design making as relevant to an online- audience.

This year, designers will highlight this dissimilarity.  And become more open to textures in their print-work. Thus utilising up-cycled or tailored papers, adornment through embossed, foiled, quilted or high-gloss finishes. Which will convey an additional element of textural wonder to otherwise stripped-back designs.

4. Maximalism and Peculiarity

There’s a transformation happening in graphic design at the moment. Tasteful minimally designed stuff now seems a little dated.

Therefore, fashion and interior design realms have already taken note of the changing trend toward ‘maximalism’.

In graphic design also, the disposition for this year is maximalist, with designers becoming more adventurous with colour, and creative with embellishment and adornment.

These UN Peace Stamps created by design studio Stranger & Stranger, flaunt the use of strong detailing, a rainbow palette and varied cultural references that will express the maximalist movement in 2018.

5. Line Art Branding and Packaging

Line art is the successor to flat design, and the style was popular across icon and app design in 2017. Whereas this year, the line art tendency will move into packaging and branding graphic design.

In term, line art is an understated style that immediately makes bags and boxes look pioneering.

Combine your line art artworks with vintage-inspired typography to strike a balance that is perfect for this year’s trends.

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