Today is International Women’s Day 2021 (#IWD21), and we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce and celebrate some of the amazing women we have working here at Castle. We believe in equality and inclusivity and are committed to ensuring Castle provides equal opportunities to all. We won’t just be celebrating women for one day a year. Castle will be continuing to acknowledge and highlight our female staff and their achievements year-round.

International Women’s Day 2021 #IWD21 is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against gender bias, and take action for equality. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge. Here at Castle, we are committed to choosing to challenge inequality and question stereotypes to ensure an inclusive workplace.

Gender inequality in the marketing sector

According to Marketing Week’s 2020 Career and Salary Survey, the marketing profession has an overall mean gender pay gap for full-time workers of 28%. This is much higher than the UK’s national gender pay gap of 8.9%, calculated by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Salary inequality is a persistent issue in marketing, with the pay gap widening at the highest levels of seniority. The marketing sector is, on a whole, a heavily male-dominated industry, with males dominating senior marketing jobs.

At Castle, we are proud to go against this trend. Our team is a 50-50 split of males to females, and our management team actually has a higher proportion of women. We are also incredibly proud to have a female director, Gina. Gina started Castle over eight years ago, alongside her husband Dean. She has worked to build it into the successful agency that it is today.

Castle’s director, Georgina Currall

Since starting Castle around eight years ago alongside her husband Dean, Gina has helped to build it into one of the northwest’s leading marketing agencies. Over the years, Gina has undertaken many different roles and was instrumental in making Castle into the success that it is today. From just her and Dean working in their spare bedroom to now employing over 40 members of staff.

Throughout her career, she has regularly experienced gender bias and sexism first-hand. But she is “extremely proud that Castle is such a strong supporter of women of all ages.”

“The marketing and creative sector tend to be a young man’s game. But we have a range of people working here, and our workforce is an even split of female to male. 48.8% of the staff members and 55% of the management here are women. I’m proud that we are such a strong supporter of women.”

“You get lots of directors who would look favourably on men, but we definitely don’t do this. We look at people more for personality and skills, rather than gender, age, race or religion.”

International Women’s Day 2021: Get to know our female managers

For International Women’s Day 2021, we asked the women in our senior management team to tell us about themselves, their time at Castle, and their experience in the industry. So, let’s get to know Castle’s female managers.

Jennifer Hodson – Operations Manager

I joined Castle in September 2017. Previously, I’d worked as an optical advisor for eight years but really needed a change. I started on the events team and then quickly moved to manage a new venture, Essential Liverpool. This is where my organisation skills came into effect. So, pretty soon, Dean moved me more into an admin role than marketing. To be honest, this was more my skill set.

Since then, I have been responsible for accounts, HR, PA to our MD at the time Dean Currall, events organisation, and making sure staff members complete their tasks in good time.

I’m now the Operations Manager. I still have some of the same responsibilities, but I’m also responsible for procedures across the company, whether that be HR, Health & Safety or departmental.

I love working at Castle. We are a friendly bunch, and it’s a pleasure working with everyone. I often get called mum by some of the staff. Not sure if it’s a compliment, but I take it that way. I am the oldest staff member, and I have two children of my own, so I’m more than happy to take on that role.

I have had lots of changes over my career. I’ve owned a bridal gown shop, been a buyer at a cleaning company, worked in a children’s nursery, and had my own business designing and making clothes. What I’ve found whilst working at Castle, is no matter your age or experience, you are given the chance to show what you can do and are rewarded for it. Whether that be a promotion, pay rise, incentive or just a good old pat on the back. I never thought, at my age, I would have such a senior role in the business. But I’m glad to say I do.

Niamh Jones – Influencer Engagement Officer

I’m 22 years old. I love socialising with my friends and exploring new cities, especially ones with good restaurants! I’m very fashion-forward and enjoy making the latest trends my own.

I started my journey in Social Media and Influencer Marketing when I was 19. I’ve worked for two UK fashion brands, which taught me so much about the industry. This helped me gain loads of valuable experience within different departments. I really enjoy working across Social Media and Influencer Marketing. No day is ever the same, and you get to work with so many amazing creators.

At Castle, my role is Influencer Engagement officer. I’ve been working here for four months, and I love every minute of it! I have such an amazing team, and you always learn something new every day. I mainly work on social media and influencer marketing for fashion brand Ukiyo Online. My favourite part so far has been working on our latest campaign shoot with the best team.

Sarah Dunne – Head of PPC

I’ve worked in PPC and digital marketing for seven years in Manchester, Melbourne and now Liverpool. I pretty much fell into the industry, after being introduced by a friend once finishing my degree in English. I’m very lucky to do what I do! I’ve made many amazing friends throughout my roles in the industry. It’s also enabled me to live and travel across the world.

I am now Head of PPC at Castle and have been part of the team for two months. One of my favourite things about this role has been working amongst so many strong and talented women who genuinely want to build each other up to achieve their best both personally and together!

My personal experience of working with Google as a company is that they’re very conscious of equality and diversity with a mixed range of female senior leads I once attended an intimate, three-course dining experience titled ‘Connecting Women Luncheon’ in Melbourne, which aimed to connect female figures in the industry.

Some of my favourite things include cooking, running, camping, disco music, and anything made of pastry.

Danielle Hulligan – Affiliate Marketing Manager

My name is Danielle, and I’ve worked at Castle for one year and eight months. I’m the affiliate marketing manager. Prior to working in marketing, I was a Level 3 Qualified Teaching Assistant in Key Stages one and two. I have also been a Legal Clerk in the Crimes Department for a solicitor’s firm. Not only are these roles quite a jump from each other, but they’re also a jump to then being in marketing.

I decided to go for a job in marketing because I wanted to be in a role where I cannot only grow, develop and use my personal skills often but also enjoy every single day. Since joining Castle, I’ve found exactly that. I started as an apprentice, and now I am a manager of a department!

Sophie Sorrell – Head of Communications

I’m Sophie, Head of Communications at Castle. I originally joined Castle as a content writer a couple of years ago. Before working at Castle, I did an undergraduate degree in History and a Masters of Research in Modern History, which was a far cry from marketing. In all honesty, I’d never considered a career in marketing before I came to Castle and felt a little like a fish out of water at first. However, thanks to all the encouragement and help from everyone here from the second I joined, I have been able to learn and progress into the head of my own department, which I’d never have thought was possible a couple of years ago.

When I did my MRes, I was the only girl on my course (but there were only three people on it). History is a very heavily male-focused subject. A lot of what you are taught surrounds men. This is partly down to the fact that, at the time, they mainly recorded the history of men and their actions. But women have just as interesting a story to tell, and I actually focused on female gender history for my dissertations. I love the fact that there are so many intelligent and talented women working at Castle, and everyone is so supportive of each other.

My previous experience has helped me in my role, as there was a lot of independent research and writing involved. Not to mention a lot of deadlines to reach. But most of all, the people at Castle have been the biggest help. Everyone is really encouraging and happy to help each other out. It doesn’t matter what your previous experience is or your gender. We are all treated with the same respect and recognised for our unique skillsets.

Elena Rosewell – Head of Social Media

I’m Elena, Head of Social Media here at Castle. Before starting my journey in the marketing world, I completed a BSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice. Mid-way through my degree, I realised I was more interested in consumer psychology than forensic psychology, so I ended up doing an MSc in Marketing Management. From then on, I’ve worked my way up to the position I’m in now – starting as an intern and ending up as the head of a department!

I like to refer to myself as a Zillennial – right in between the generations of Millennials and Gen Z. This means I have grown up surrounded by the development of social media, which has been both a blessing and a curse! All aspects of social media inspire and excite me. It’s a world that’s constantly changing and evolving.

Being a woman in marketing, you must know your worth. Women in the business are constantly empowered and encouraged at Castle. My MSc was very male dominant, and I knew from then onwards that I would probably be outnumbered in the workplace, but Castle it isn’t like that at all! Everyone is valued as an individual. We are not judged by our gender, sexuality, race or religion – purely by our skills and motivation. We are setting the standards for how business should be done, encapsulated in the morale of equality, positivity, and encouragement. It is that drive from the whole team that ensures the business is always ahead of the game.

Rachel Ball – Content and SEO Manager

As a Content & SEO Manager at Castle, I work with clients to help them make the most out of organic search. I initially got into marketing working as a copywriter for another agency alongside my Creative Writing degree. I was lucky enough to have brilliant mentors who taught me a lot about digital marketing, leading to promotions that saw me devising and co-ordinating exciting and complex campaigns.

While I specialise in SEO at Castle, I think having a working understanding of all roles in an agency has always been a big asset. So, I continue to study for a Master’s in Digital Marketing, and I keep up to date with wider industry trends as much as possible. Having a versatile skill set has given me the opportunity to collaborate with many brilliant female marketing professionals during my time in the industry.

Ella Whitby – PR Influencer Manager

My names Ella and I am the PR Influencer Manager! I graduated from University in 2018, and I have been extremely busy since. I’ve worked at a Modelling Agency and in TV Casting before joining Castle. I definitely enjoy working at a fast pace and being challenged, so I couldn’t be happier in my current role.

Not many people can say they love their jobs, but I do! Most of that is down to the people I’m surrounded by and supported by here. It’s International Women’s Day 2021 today so, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in the team for being so encouraging to me and the rest of the amazing ladies here at Castle.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of the brilliant women who work here at Castle. Head over to our social media to celebrate International Women’s Day with us this week.

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