Private Label Supplements (PLS) is an online supplement store that provides a bespoke service for its customers across the UK. They generate labels for smaller online supplement stores, as well as drop-ship and invoice them if needed. They wanted a revamp on their website with several features for wholesaling.

Private Lable Supplements had built their entire digital infrastructure through BigCommerce, this presented a host of challenges as this platform comes with severe limitations. However, they did not wish to move to any open-source site and required a wholesale option. This facility would mean the site could not reveal any prices to the public but they could view the store and browse the products.

Their old site also did not have any filtration options, so located products became immensely difficult for customers. They also wanted their search facility to show the product and title as the customer would be typing. This advanced auto-fill solution would require bespoke code on a non-open-source platform.

The Solution:

We created a wholesale plugin, which began with a sign-in boxed module and then the prices would be revealed. Private Label Supplements also wanted the prices to be variable to the buyer and their purchase history so we created discount bands for each client.

The portal we built for clients would need to not only arrange orders but connect with payment history and multiple shipments and billing addresses for their drop ship facilities. Due to the arrangements of the service, this site was solely serving other businesses. It would require the ability to send to different outlets, different customer addresses that were not attached to the billing address in the system.

The Value:

As there was only an information site available, our system simply enabled them to function as a business. As the service had to be online to mobilise the business in a positive direction, our system essentially allowed them to trade as an online business.