Kingsley Recruitment required a completely bespoke website for their online applications. They wanted a design that merged the best aspects of their major national competitors. The site to be built on Umbraco due to their original platform being the CMS their staff had grown accustomed to. They also required a development agency that would continue to support them once the site was built.

The Challenge

The main challenge from this project was the advanced search facilities. Kingsley Recruitment required a categorisation bar for their pre-existing locations. The search bar needed an auto-fill facility as well as possessing the ability to cross-reference job title with a location. We then had to supplement the search facility with a filter on the job search page. The filter consisted of location, job title, sectors, salary bands, contract type and an update button.

Kingsley Recruitment’s site needed pre-existing salary bands in their old site as the previous developers had used a template. As the business had grown, this had become a nuisance. Salary bands were frequently fluctuating and the client was bound by the parameters that they first set. We built dynamic code within the CMS to make the bands adaptable to manual changes.

The client also had no way of searching for the jobs placed in the CMS, so as the volume of jobs grew, it became increasingly difficult and time consuming to locate the desired job. The node we built enabled them to search via a unique job ID. We also created subfolders so we could delete old jobs, something that was not available in the previous system.

The Solution

We built each facility through asp .NET, cloned all the current content and jobs, optimised all-new robot.txt files and submitted a new sitemap to Google. Once the site went live, we began phase two testing, as Kingsley Recruitment wanted a fast turnaround and wished to constantly evolve, they purchased a retainer package for maintenance and further development work and began to add new elements to the CMS, such as bandwidth filters, advanced search nodes for applicants and several other key features within the CMS that further supported staff efficiency.

The Value

The results of the platform led to increased efficiency from staff using the site to search for jobs, input new jobs and examine applicants. It also led to spikes in job applications being sent from customers due to the increased user experience through the Kingsley Recruitment website. The ease of the search facility and no longer need to go back to the home page for new searches, meant further cross-selling opportunities arose.