How web design services can transform a brand

Bradfor Ltd is a company based in Northern Ireland. They specialise in manufacturing bespoke aircraft seat covers as well as several other components. As they manufacture a very specific product, Bradford faced difficulties in targeting their direct market. They required a complete and major rebrand to achieve a more unique and memorable logo. Their products need to be professionally designed to represent the specialised service and the standard of the company. They also need to successfully stand out amongst their competitors. At Castle, we used our web design services to engage their target audience to gain the attention of the international aerospace community.

The Challenge

Bradfor wanted to increase their brand awareness when using our web design service. The aerospace sector is a very difficult and challenging market and as we were working within a niche part of that, the difficulties to successfully penetrate this market increased substantially.

The Solution

We realised that the only major route to market was through direct sales. Therefore, we needed to arm the business with a new range of sales material that made the process slick and professional. Focusing on creating a logo that matched the quality and elegance of the products and service, was important. We needed something modern and corporate. For this reason, we developed eight versions of logo designs, which quickly became two. We refined the designs and within the second draft we arrived at the full draft.

After completing the brand guidelines, stationery and social media design packs, we focused on sales materials. We worked with Bradfor to develop a corporate brochure that highlighted the high level of service and a range of professional presentations to assist the overall pitch.

The next element of the ‘pitch pack’ was to create a corporate video that highlighted the vital aspects of each service. We developed a live-action corporate video, with animated seat displays and infographics and placed it on their site and embedded it within their presentations.

The Value

Bradfor arrived at Farnborough Air Show 2016 with several pre-arranged sales meetings. They were asked to pitch for four contracts, all with international airlines. They won two for undisclosed amounts, worth at least three million each over five-year contracts.