With over 2 billion active daily users, it’s no surprise that many businesses are wanting to jump on the bandwagon and get their name out there using Facebook Advertising. It’s a surprisingly simple concept, however with more businesses than ever before using the platform for marketing, it’s not as easy as it used to be to get your ads converting.

With so many people using Facebook, it’s one of the best social platforms for businesses to promote on, no matter what the product or service is. With such a diverse audience, you’ll be able to get people from your key demographic viewing your ad.

While the possibilities are endless, no one said it was going to be a simple task. So, here are some tips to help you get the most from Facebook Advertising.

Understand your target audience

There’s no point running a campaign if you’re not going to optimise it properly, which is why it’s vital you have a good understanding of the group of people you’re targeting. Sure, you can look at what demographic gives you the best conversion rate, but we think you should go deeper than that. Look at your client behaviour, not only on Facebook but on your site. What do they use the most? What do they steer away from? Think about why they might be doing this and try and use it to your advantage.

Have a clear objective

A seemingly obvious point, but it’s important you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to gain from your campaign. Are you targeting a specific product and looking to drive sales, or promoting a new service and are looking to raise awareness?

If you’re not fully clear on your campaign goals, then it’s going to be difficult to get the results you want. Having a clear idea of your objectives allows you to map and plan every detail of your campaign precisely to give you a better chance of success.

Don’t forget about Instagram

The focus of this blog is Facebook advertising, but remember Facebook and Instagram are closely linked, especially when it comes to ads. 20% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue comes from Instagram. Instagram ads can be easily set up while creating your Facebook ads, so it could be worth seeing if you get any conversions from Instagram. However, if you’ve researched your target audience and found that not many opt to use Instagram, maybe give it a pass.