This week is National Apprenticeship Week, which aims to highlight all the amazing work being done by employers and apprentices across the country. This week, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on our apprentices and all the excellent work they do for us.

So, each day we thought we’d #AskAnApprentice to tell us a little bit about themselves, their role and their time at Castle, and discuss why they chose to do an apprenticeship. So, you can get to know our apprentices in their own words!

Today we are meeting our affiliate marketing apprentices from the affiliate marketing team.

Affiliate Marketing Team Apprentices:

Isobel Bridge – Affiliate Marketing Assistant

My name is Isobel. I am a digital marketing apprentice, working at Castle as an affiliate marketing assistant! I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to begin my career in marketing. And after some research found that an apprenticeship is a great place to start, as you can gain experience and qualifications whilst earning a wage.

My job role requires communication with both clients and affiliates (influencers), which is the part of my job I enjoy the most. I speak to dozens of people each day! It is so interesting to learn more about each of the affiliates. One thing I really enjoy is scouting influencers who I think could be great affiliates for a particular brand. I spend a lot of my time supporting those affiliates to help them bring in sales. I really enjoy working at Castle because all the team are so supportive and it is a great work environment.

  • Likes: Animals, fashion & beauty, podcasts, socialising, music
  • Dislikes: Snakes, coffee, being cold
  • Hobbies: Running, baking, and online shopping

Michael Mayell – Affiliate Assistant Apprentice

Hi all, I’m Michael, and I am 18 – 19 in May. I enjoy walking my nearly 3-year-old Labrador going on long forest walks as it’s very therapeutic and calming. My hobbies include anything creative such as acting, music, films, animation, reading and video games.

Why I chose to do an apprenticeship at Castle

I chose an apprenticeship because I was very eager to get into the working world and I wanted to expand my education. But University didn’t seem right for me. I love the fact that you can earn money and contribute ideas that will be used to profit a business while being educated still.

My time at Castle

I’ve been at Castle for a month, it’s been very fun and exciting! At first, I was very nervous, but the team here melted all the new job anxieties away with a welcoming attitude and smiles all around. It was easy to quickly settle in! My job involves working with affiliates (bloggers, social media influencers) to ask them to promote products for the clients we have. I have learnt many things including how to use websites such as Shopify, Awin, and Social Blade to help in various tasks I do. I have also greatly improved upon my communication skills since being at Castle.

What I enjoy most about being an affiliate marketing apprentice 

The thing I most enjoy about working at Castle is the team. Everyone is so friendly, approachable, and is always willing to help me out. My favourite thing about my work is the feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile that will help the company. I love thinking outside the box to come up with new ideas that my team love as much as I do. It’s a very rewarding feeling.

Jessica Tam- Affiliate Marketing Apprentice

I like to travel and going on hikes/walks, and I enjoy gaming. Photography is my hobby. I love being able to capture memories and moments in my life, so I can look back and remember happy times. My favourite kind of photography has to be landscape though!

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I liked that I could learn a new set of skills and gain a qualification whilst earning a wage for myself.

Everyone at Castle is so nice, welcoming and helpful. I have never worked in Digital Marketing before but Castle has given me that chance to gain so much knowledge about what it’s like to work in a successful marketing agency.

My job entails bringing in revenue/sales through affiliate marketing. I onboard affiliate to work with our clients. They will promote client products and in return gain sales for our clients.

I enjoy being able to connect and build relationships with both affiliates and our clients. Being able to speak to many different people and building that foundation makes this job so much fun as you can gain the affiliates trust to come back and ask for another collaboration.