This week is National Apprenticeship Week, which aims to highlight all the amazing work being done by employers and apprentices across the country. This week, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on our apprentices and all the great work they do for us.

So, each day we thought we’d #AskAnApprentice to tell us a little bit about themselves, their role and their time at Castle, and discuss why they chose to do an apprenticeship, so you can get to know our apprentices in their own words!

Today we are meeting our apprentices from the social media, social ads and creative content teams.

Social Media, Social Ads and Creative Content Apprentices

Hannah Knight – Social Media Assistant

Hi, my name is Hannah Knight, and I’m the social media assistant here at Castle.

I’m a huge bookworm, and when I’m not working, you would definitely find me reading a good book. I tend to go for historical books, but recently I’ve just been reading books that have caught my eye which is still based in the past. Also, I share my thoughts on the books I read on my bookstagram @shereadsherbooks.

I chose to do a digital marketing apprenticeship because I felt that every other option that I had chosen to do, or was told to do, didn’t allow me to use my creativity. This was something I really wanted to use. I wanted to work straight away, but still learn so an apprenticeship was the best choice for me. I’m so happy that I took this route.

I’m probably the longest-serving apprentice here at Castle now. Although I’ve only been here for months, it does seem like I’ve been here for years. I love being a part of Castle, and working for them as they really do take care of their own.

At Castle, I’m the social media assistant. My responsibilities include researching competitive brands or markets, developing and executing social media campaigns that drive business, and creating an online voice or image for the client that is desirable and reaches the company’s target demographic.

There are so many things that I enjoy. But I would have to say working with everyone here at Castle is my favourite part and my job. As a social media assistant means I get to work with every department. I also love being involved in social media as it’s ever-growing and I’m glad to be involved with that.

Skye Darlington – Creative Content Apprentice

I am a massive football and martial arts fan. However, photography is my main passion.

I was originally at University and studied business there for a year, but it just did not seem right for me. So, I applied for an apprenticeship instead. I enjoyed the marketing side of a business structure, so when I got a call from a company regarding the role at Castle I thought ‘why not?’. If I am honest, I had no idea it would lead down the journey I have been on.

I have been at Castle for just over 3 months. I find creative content to schedule for clients, as well as producing graphics and visuals for them. The clients I work with are in industries such as Football management and boxing. This is great because I get to combine my work and my hobbies. In addition to this, I go out filming and doing photography for clients as well. I have learnt how to use branding to enhance an image of a brand as well as all the preparation and communication that goes into place for projects.

This role will be key to my career. I have learnt a lot in a short period of time and I hope this will continue in the coming months. This is something I enjoy and want to do for years to come.


Louis Melia – Lead Generation Assistant

My name is Louis. At Castle, my role involves working with the social media ads team creating content for all of our amazing clients on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

My biggest hobby and interest would definitely be football. The reason for this is whether I am playing or watching football, it is such a good time to relax and have fun with family or friends. However, being an Evertonian, saying it is a good time to relax is hard to believe. As most of the time, it is an absolute nightmare.

Currently, I am in the process of creating my own small clothing brand. This has been in the works for a few months now. I have recently begun enhancing the movement at the speed at which I would like to launch! Working with the Castle team to market the clothing brand Ukiyo has made me realise how good of an opportunity this is. All the brilliant work everyone is doing to make that successful has only increased my desire to create my own brand. I cannot wait to get going fully!

Louis’ time at Castle

My time at Castle. Where do I begin? For the six months, I have been at Castle, it has been something that I would have never imagined. The entire team across all departments are absolutely fantastic. The days are never dull with them around. My days are always packed with fun. Everything I do at Castle is done with passion and heart as I have fallen in love with my role overnight. Most of that is to do with how fantastic everyone at Castle has been. They have helped me settle down and taught me what I need to know as fast as possible. This means I could fully bed in, and that is something I am grateful for. What I enjoy most at Castle within my role would be creating the ads that we are going to run for our clients. This is a process that I have loved from day one, and I never get bored of it.

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I know that this was the avenue for me. Going to university was always a no go for me as I wanted to get straight into the industry of my dreams as soon as I left sixth form. Castle has allowed me to do that. Working and learning on and off the job is, for me, the perfect way to learn and develop your skills. Rather than sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day. I could not be happier with the decision I have made to join Castle.

I’m delighted with my apprenticeship at Castle and long may it continue!