Thursday 2 May 2019 09.30 – 16:30 GMT
The Bluecoat, 8 School Lane, Liverpool, L13BX,

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Welcome to Castle Academy! This course will take you on a journey that will enable you to increase your sales performance dramatically. This is an intensive 1-day training course that covers a wide range of sales techniques needed to succeed. We will cover:

  • The difference between good sales and great sales
  • How to use digital tools to quadruple your sales performance
  • Perfecting the sales funnel – converting over 80% of your qualified leads
  • Sales negotiation – getting your clients to agree and mastering sales behaviour
  • Stealing work from your competitors and beating them in a race
  • Building the right relationships and maximising their potential

This course includes four seminars, two workshops, Q & A sessions and three breaks throughout the day.


Every course we provide comes with a host of great resources and features. This is part of a 30- day support program that continues after the session. You will also be given access to our online portal.

  • Online course access
  • Workbook and resources
  • 4 Seminars
  • 2 Workshops
  • 30-day support
  • Group sessions


During this session, you will attend 4 x hour-long seminars that the instructor delivers. There will also be 2 x workshops at different parts of the day and some interactive sessions, including Q &A. There will be a post-training assessment too.

Seminar 1: Sales: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This session is a good introduction to the course and will cover common mistakes in selling as well as what is truly required to reach a higher level of performance.

Seminar 2: Fishing for Whales: Landing Large Business

This session will cover the work required to land big contracts. From negotiation, developing new relationships in the right way, pitching and presenting, and hitting all the correct channels.

Seminar 3: Making Digital Work for Your Sales

Many salespeople see marketing and sales as separate entities. This is wrong. Digital marketing can and should be a salesperson’s best friend. However, many people who try to use digital marketing tools, spend that investment of time incorrectly and use the wrong information, tactics, content and even platforms. This session will cover all the right tools and tactics to boost leads via digital marketing.

Seminar 4: The Art of Selling

We will illustrate the significance of using the correct language, behaviour, tone, keywords, conversational master strokes and truly utilising the psychology of the customer to your advantage. We will be talking about motivation and desire, and how to keep momentum every day and enjoy the process. This session will be drawing the content from all of the seminars and layering it with emotional intelligence.

Workshop 1: Selling on the Day

Instead of providing pointless exercises and cheesy icebreakers, we are going to literally get to work in the room. We are going to start with customer profiling in order to understand and evaluate what your customers want. We will be completing a comprehensive checklist of client and business research in a 90-minute session. Bring your phones, tablets, laptops and notepads and by the end of this session, we will know everything about the clients we want and can sell to.

Workshop 2: Selling on the Day, part 2

With the work from workshop 1 and the information from seminars 3 and 4, we will use everything we have learnt that day and start generating leads. We will be using every tool, every tactic and all new skills you have obtained to begin accelerating those sales.


As long as you are prepared to do each step properly, we can confidently assure you of amazing results! This course will create a sustainable system of selling frequently and to a higher level than before. The benefits are as follows:

  • Quadruple your sales performance
  • Understand your customers like never before
  • Learn how to better negotiate, convert customers and deliver on your targets
  • Create leads with little work after you’ve set up these foundations
  • Earn more money for you and your business
  • Learn how to pitch better than ever before

Meet the Instructor

Dean Currall, Managing Director of Castle, has built one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the UK, generating over £24 million pounds for his clients and creating a multi-million-pound marketing agency within 4 years. Over 80% of Castle’s success can be attributed to sales and you will be directly taught by Dean himself.

He is now passing on his skills for making money with Castle Academy, sharing all his knowledge to make your business a successful one. He has already taught over 1200 students in 2 years educating them on all forms of digital marketing, sales and business management. We have over 13 instructors across all faculties, each an expert in their respective field.

Sign up now, and you could be taking your first step to making a million!

Venue & Parking

The course will be held at The Bluecoat in the Sandon Room, College Lane, Liverpool. The nearest train station is Central and the nearest car park is the Q-Park, 44 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 4AF