1. Video Marketing

Looking back at recent years, we think that video marketing shows great potential in 2019. A report by Animoto in 2017 showed that 64% of customers made a purchase after watching a branded video on Facebook.

Many users of social media are influenced more by videos as opposed to traditional ads when making a purchasing decision. This is most likely due to videos being a simple way for people to access all the information they need about a product or service. Branded videos offer a sense of transparency and give value to a brand. Videos often resonate with customers much more than text or images, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the product in the simplest possible way.

 2. Deluxe Long-Form Contact

Long content is greatly loved by both search engines and readers, making it a win-win! Long-form content refers to content with more than 2000 words. It goes without saying that longer texts are going to offer the reader in-depth, structured and researched information around a particular subject. Of course, creating this kind of content takes a considerably longer amount of time, but if it’s well-written it gives users confidence that this is a trustworthy source.

3. Social Media

Social media has always been one of the fastest-growing channels in regards to marketing, but this year it’s important to check you’re making the most of it and using the right channels. Surprisingly, it looks like people are turning away from Facebook and heading towards Instagram for marketing, particularly for 16-30-year olds and influencers.

 The key with Instagram content is ensuring it’s personalised to your target audience. Also, get full use out of all of its features. Post regular stories and upload videos to IGTV to get the most from the platform.

4. Podcasts

With around ten million young listeners turning to podcasts, there’s definitely a chance 2019 could be their year. Podcasts can be a great way for brands to connect with their target audience by offering an in-depth scope of your product or service. Of course, this probably won’t work for everyone as it really depends on your industry. Podcasts also require full attention and to sit there and listen, whereas video content can just have quick subtitles for the user to read. However, if done correctly podcasts can be great for providing quick, easily digestible information.

5. Mobile First

In today’s day in age, many of us use mobile devices to watch videos, shop, research, review and stay in touch with people. According to studies, the smartphone is predicted to overtake the pc as the most important way of accessing the internet in as little as three years. Ensuring your content displays well on mobile devices has never been so important.

Of course, technical mobile optimisation isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered. You should also look at whether your content is compact and concise, as large amounts of text are just going to turn users away.

6. User Experience

2019 is all about taking care of users with different formats, giving your brand a positive image. Content marketing must create one thing; a quality user experience. Google, Instagram and Facebook are constantly evolving their newsfeed algorithms to further the development of the user experience and attract users. As content marketers, it’s important that all little changes are taken into account to stay ahead of the game.


This year, it’s vital that businesses are adapting to the expectations of their customers, be it communication or content creation. Video and audio marketing methods are also rising, so it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the game and come up with ways you can incorporate this into your brand.