Website designing is a highly competitive field and only the best ones survive after spending some time in the industry and a website must have several things to stay ahead. There are, however, some common factors in all the businesses which survive in the industry and that is the value which delivers to their customers. The value of a website depends on the things it incorporates in its design.

1. Effective Use of Space
The first thing which a visitor notice is the use of space and this is often an unintentional thing. The effective utilization of space means that the web page is not cluttered and the first thing a visitor notice is what you want him to notice. A website must have consistency.

2. Responsive Design
It refers to the scalability of the design of a website. The world is filled with a large number of devices with extremely diverse resolutions and if the website can only be properly viewed on a limited number of screens then it’s losing its purpose on the internet.

3. Simplicity
The world is already a highly complex place, there is no reason to add any more to its complexity. Even though the number of internet users all over the world is swelling but not everyone grew up with the internet and there are many people who still need to learn to navigate on the internet, simplicity is the key to getting in touch with them. A website must have simplicity.

4. Ease of Navigation
It is important that the visitor doesn’t have to spend so much time looking for what he needs. If this happens then he is going to leave. The use of menus and putting a search feature is a good way of providing ease in navigation.

5. An About Us Page
An About Us page is an important part of a website as this is where the visitor can see the exact details of the work the business offers. This is the page that will include the policies and goals of the company. It can also feature testimonials to present the company’s success stories to the world.

6. Contact Information
It is absolutely essential for any website to incorporate the contact information of the business or individual who owns the website especially if it is a small business. This information can mean all the difference in getting new clients for the business. It also makes the business more legitimate.

7. Calls to Action
Interaction and engagement with the visitor is an important role of a website. Calls to actions are the things, in the form of links, buttons and others which prompt the visitor to take a specific action. The website of a game developer should have highlighted links or buttons to the download page of his games.

8. Professional Pictures
Not many people like to spend much time on a bland website, colourful images manage to attract attention and keep it. You don’t need to use a large number of pictures but the ones you do must look professional.

9. SEO Optimisation
Search engine optimisation can make a great difference to the visibility of your website in organic search. It pays to keep your website optimised.

10. Security
The emphasis on the security of data during its exchange has increased many folds recently. Visitors must know that the information they’re sharing with the website remains secure so it is important that the website uses SSL protocol for the peace of the visitor’s minds.