Every owner of a business wants a website that inspires visitors to make contact or buy something. This is called conversion when your lead converts to become a client. Use our 10 tips to make your website stand out!

If your site has a good deal of traffic but few conversions, you need to recognise why this is happening.

Website design has an influential impact on customers and their decisions and studies show that appraisal of a product takes around 60 seconds. Visitors give sites less than that, around eight seconds, meaning that first impressions are about 92% design-focused and that around 80% of visitors will assess your brand credibility based on the design of your site.

First-time visitors to your site are unlikely to be ready to buy. They’re exploring options and making comparisons. Do you know how you compare with your competition?

Take a look at the sites influential in your marketplace and then examine your own.

Here are 10 tips you need to evaluate before deciding what to change for the greatest conversion:

The 10 Tips for Web Design:


Button colour debate is one of the lengthiest in the conversion and optimisation world. Luckily, the button colour is very easy to test. Hubspot, the Performable site, changed its call-to-action (CTA) button from green to red, which resulted in a 21% rise in conversions.

Ript Apparel altered its CTA button from green to yellow, growing conversions by 6.3%.

Red and green are two of the colours those with colour blindness have the most difficulty with, so you would be hitting your accessibility targets, but you might consider also want to consider your audience more. If your business is aimed primarily at women, focus on purple, blue, or green. If it’s men, choose green, blue, or black according to; Color psychology and colour therapy [sic]


Product videos grow sales and conversions. The amount differs of course, but some businesses testify to an increase of as much as 150%. Service-based companies or business-to-business (B2B) use video to share their stories. That’s why at Castle we offer bespoke video production services.

Easy to use.

Place your vital information, “above the fold”, visitors won’t scroll or hunt for what they want. Design simple navigation tools so that clients can find items instinctively that isn’t contained on the first page.

Clear Unique Selling Point.

If you don’t know what your USP is, that’s problematic. Because if you don’t know, then neither will prospective customers or site visitors. Make your USP obvious.

Trust symbols.

Trust symbols, are visual signs to site visitors that you are trustworthy. Having trust symbols on your website, especially for e-commerce, has been identified as having a positive impact on conversion rates. Certification logos such as PayPal’s and badges from TripAdvisor (other review sites are available) are two examples of trust symbols, as are security seals or other industry-related signs, testimonials serve a similar function.

Your aim is to ensure any potential customer feels as if they can trust you to provide a good service, experience or product.


If you’re offering anything free, make sure the message free is loud and clear.

Short forms.

Prospective clients don’t want to give you the ins and outs of a cat’s intestine, just to get a free download. Keep it simple. Try just a username, email address and postcode. If you use captcha, see if turning it off makes a difference to your response rate, without a trade-off in an increase to your spam.

Virtual chat.

More and more site visitors report that they prefer a quick online chat while browsing versus a telephone call or messing around with an options menu. If they don’t want to chat, they know the option is there and that on its own is a trust-builder.


Any headline text that addresses any fears your potential customers may have, whether they are concerned with timings, a service, price whatever, deal with this in bold.


A jumbled and chaotic website will put customers off as they will see this as a reflection of you, your services, or your products. Clean lines and no fuss will attract customers and convert leads.

Hopefully, you’ve taken something away from our 10 tips. Visit the Castle website to learn more about our web design services. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs further, get in touch with a member of our team today.