In this post, Castle’s Head of Social Media Elena Rosewell will be answering a commonly misunderstood feature with Instagram’s Stories – how to add multiple photos to an Instagram Story.

Instagram has become a vastly popular platform that touches all forms of digital marketing. Everything from social media and affiliate marketing, having influencers promote products or services through the use of promotional videos. Unsure as to what affiliate marketing is? Here’s a guide to getting started with affiliate marketing from our Head of Affiliates – Ash Bage.

However, one underutilised feature of Instagram lies in Instagram Stories. Upon hearing the word – “Instagram stories”, you’ll likely imagine images of people posting their daily activities. Although this is a common use for it, Instagram stories certainly hold plenty of benefits for companies to start using them frequently also.

In this post, I will explain how to add multiple photos to an Instagram story, but first…

How important is Instagram for marketing companies?

Instagram is a really important tool to use if you are a marketing company. It’s a great way of reaching new audiences, one of the more obvious being younger audiences for example. It’s no secret that younger people use Instagram so you need to make sure that you have a creative approach to your Instagram content. Instagram has got a lot of interactive features which makes for great and creative content that will increase engagement.

With features such as iOS 14 negatively impacting social ads – you really need to be building your organic social media more and Instagram is great for building that engagement. It helps to balance out the audiences that you perhaps lost during the iOS 14 update by bringing in new audiences organically. With the announcement of iOS 15 being released later this year – we are cautiously optimistic for what changes we are going to receive and if this will positively impact social ads.  

Instagram stories on the other hand hold a massive incentive for companies to start using. They allow you to be a lot more creative with your posts. Plus, they stay live for a 24-hour period which means you can post as frequently as you like.

A person opening their Instagram account after finding out how to add multiple photos to an Instagram story.

How frequent should you post Instagram stories?

At Castle, we tend to post at least 5 stories a day as a minimum. This is because stories are chronological. In terms of posting normally on the Instagram feed which is not chronological, so it is not dependant on how many times you post a day.

The reason we post at least 5 stories per day is simply due to the more you post, the more likely you are to be at the front of someone’s stories feed. If you’re posting frequently on the regular feed, this is great – but Instagram Stories allows for your logo and brand to consistently be in the eyes of other Instagram users. Meaning the more likely they are to see your brand as soon as they got onto the app. As a result, we aim to be posting every two to three hours. 

Now you have an understanding as to how frequent you should be posting Instagram stories.

How to add multiple photos to an Instagram story? 

There are loads of features of Instagram Stories and they are always bringing out more.

One of the most recent feature updates was called ‘layout’ in which you can upload a story and on the left-hand side you’ll see various features like ‘boomerang’, ‘grid’ and if you select ‘layout’ this is how to add multiple photos to an Instagram story. You can choose the way they are displayed and the way you want to organise them. 

Alternatively, you can use stories editing apps that will do it as external software and you can add artwork details to them and make them more fun. Or you can do it through the layout. 

This is everything regarding how to add multiple photos to an Instagram story. If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch.