In our latest post, Castle’s Head of Social, Elena Rosewell will be indicating how to change the page name on Facebook and the circumstances that may occur.

For any business, your name is one of the most crucial components. It symbolises your brand and who or what you represent. You should always turn every stone when it comes to your brand as you don’t want to regret your decision.

However, name changes are a common occurrence so if you are using social media to market yourself or your business, it’s important to know how to do it. In today’s post, I will highlight how to change the page name on Facebook.

Why would you change your page name on Facebook?

There are many reasons you may need to change your Facebook page name. Whether your business is undergoing a rebrand or your page name just doesn’t fit with your brand anymore. Perhaps you had a new sponsor with your page name and you need to remove it. There’s plenty of potential reasons you may need to change the page name.

It’s really important that your Facebook page name directly reflects your business as it gives your followers a really easy way of finding you if they were to search for you on Facebook. It’s with this being said that you should really take the time to think of what your name should be, not just of Facebook but your business as a whole. Your page name will be one of, if not the first things people remember about your business.

A person logging into Facebook on their mobile phone.

How to change the page name on Facebook?

To change your page name on Facebook, you need to make sure you are doing this on desktop as you can no longer do this on mobile. Once you are logged into Facebook VIA desktop, from the homepage – click on your pages. Once they’re in the sidebar menu on the left, scroll down and click Edit Page info.

At the top of that, you’ll find a button which says ‘General’. Click this and your name will appear, here there will be a textbox and you can change your page name. Once you have clicked out of the textbox, close and click to the side and a pop-up will appear where you can confirm your changed name request.

When you have requested this change, it will need to be processed by Facebook themselves. Facebook can then either accept or reject it. Most of the time it is fairly straightforward, however, there are times where Facebook can reject it.

This can be for multiple reasons such as you’ve used a generic name, ‘Pizza’ for example – a name you don’t own as a brand. It can also mean that you’ve included geographical names such as ‘Liverpool’ that isn’t within your actual brand name.

A person logging in on Facebook trying to figure out how to change the page name on Facebook.

How to appeal my Facebook page name being rejected?

When your Facebook page name gets rejected, you’ll get a notification in your Facebook support inbox as well as an email to you asking to provide documentation. In case you’ll need to provide legal documentation stating you are who you are.

An example of this is when we had our rebrand from Verb to Castle – we had to send proof that we have the intention of rebranding. In order to show proof, we sent over our Companies House document that had both our old name and our new name showing that we are, who we are. This process can take up to 30 days for your documents and confirmed changes to come through. You will then be notified whether it has been approved or not.