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How did we help Oprimaze?


Oprimaze is a natural weight loss product in the form of a nasal spray developed to curb your appetite using a chemical compound that releases GPL1. They were a relatively new brand and came to Castle looking for help kickstarting their eCommerce sales and brand awareness to maximise revenue generation.


To achieve their goals, we focused on improving website functionality in order to optimise the site for conversions. We also worked on building up the number of Trustpilot reviews for market credibility and to build trust by incentivising customers to leave reviews, as when they joined, they only had three reviews below four stars. We then focused on running branding ads to raise brand awareness and implemented targeted ads on Facebook.



Thanks to our improvements and ad campaigns, Oprimaze had record sales last month with a 165% increase month-on-month. Over the last 90 days, they have seen a 277% increase in sales, a 66% increase in store sessions, and a 53% increase in conversion rate.

Screenshot of the Oprimaze Shopify dashboard for the last 90 days.

Website optimisations and Trustpilot building

When Oprimaze first joined Castle, they had just a few Trustpilot reviews with an overall rating below four stars. We felt a focus was needed on improving the Trustpilot score and the number of reviews as this is a relatively new product and brand, so they needed some credibility behind it. In the first month, in particular, we spent a good amount of time trying to collect more reviews by incentivising customers to leave one. This helped to build the Trustpilot score up to 4.6/5 stars, which is an ‘Excellent’ rating. This added legitimacy to the brand and a level of trust with potential customers who were searching for the brand and the product.

A screenshot of Oprimaze's Trustpilot page.

We also implemented several fixes to the website to improve the UX. This included adding more obvious call-to-action buttons, improving the layout of the pages and the graphics, and adding reviews to the site to maximise conversion rate.

Thanks to these changes, the conversion rate has improved month-on-month, increasing by 24% in the first month and a further 64% month to date. This has led to a 305% increase in sales, with just an 81% increase in traffic, as more of the people hitting the site are converting thanks to these optimisations.

Screenshot of Oprimaze's conversion rate improvements.

Social ad campaigns

To increase brand awareness and generate more traffic to the site, we set up several different ad campaigns on Meta. For these ads, we utilised a combination of both static and video ads, all of which were created in-house by our graphic designers and content creators. The ads we created focused on selling the benefits of the product, such as the fact it’s all-natural, easy and painless to administer, travel-friendly, and helps aid weight loss.

It is a tricky product to advertise, as advertising policies on Meta do not allow you to promote weight loss products, and you’re not allowed to mention terms like ‘weight loss’ or ‘lose weight’. This means we had to be very careful about what we put on the ads and wrote in the ad copy to ensure the ads would not get banned but still successfully promote and explain the product to a broad audience.

A screenshot of the performance of Oprimaze's Facebook Ads.

Thanks to our experience in this area working with brands previously that had similar issues, we knew how to effectively navigate this market and have successfully run ads over the past few months for Oprimaze with an average ROAS of 5.81:1. Some of our best-performing campaigns were videos we created with someone showing you how to use the products, answering common questions, and explaining the benefits they have seen since using it. One of these videos has been running with a 7.13:1 ROAS and has generated a significant amount of traffic to the site.

Thanks to our Facebook ads, sessions have increased across the site by 81% in the past 90 days compared to the previous period, total orders have increased by 184%, and total sales have increased by 305%. These ads have also helped to increase brand awareness, which has led to sessions and sales from all traffic sources increasing significantly over the past 90 days.

A screenshot of Oprimaze's Facebook ads.

Sessions through social have increased by 91%, with sales increasing by 356% over the last 90 days. On top of this, direct traffic has increased by 73%, and search traffic has gone up by 77%, likely because people have seen our ads and then typed in the URL or searched the brand name to find out more information. The effective retargeting we have set up on some campaigns retargets anyone who has previously visited the site or interacted with the ads and has also led to an 88% increase in the returning customer rate.

A screenshot of Oprimaze's returning customer rate on the Shopify dashboard.
Screenshot of the Shopify dashboard showing the sessions by traffic source and sales by traffic source for Oprimaze.

Google ads campaigns

Another strategy we utilised to drive traffic to the Oprimaze site was to run Google ads campaigns that targeted pharmacy sites that sold other weight loss products like Ozempic and Wegovy. This was a performance max display campaign which showed adverts for Oprimaze products once people had visited these sites across different websites while they were searching the web. The ads promoted Oprimaze as an easier and healthier way to lose weight, promoting the benefits that it is non-invasive, unlike weight loss injections, and fast acting.


A screenshot of the Oprimaze Shopify dashboard for May-June.

We used a combination of static display ads and videos for this campaign, and it worked to drive a significant amount of traffic to the site and massively increase brand awareness. Traffic through Google ads increased by 1600% during the few months we ran the campaign, and sales through this traffic source increased by 460%. Sales through all traffic sources increased during this period due to the increased brand awareness when someone had seen an ad. Therefore, more people were searching for the brand or typing the URL directly into their browsers.

During this period, sales overall increased by 119% compared to the previous period and total orders increased by 71%. The conversion rate also increased by 43%, as we were driving high-intent customers to the site.

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