Google Analytics is basically a free web analytics service provided by Google. The service is available for Google account users. Other than that you can make an account on Google Analytics to avail of the service alone. Google Analytics is used to check the statistics of site visits; page views, bounce rates, pages per visit, direct visits, website referrals, the percentage of new visits and average time on site. Google Analytics is used for marketing campaigns. Through this tool, you can check the status of your website traffic and keep a track of your audience. The basic location of the audience is important to know so that it is easier to directly target that specific area.

Google Analytics is useful for maximizing SEO in many ways. Let us explain the 5 promising ways to use it smartly.

5 ways to use Google Analytics to maximize SEO

1. Understanding Google Analytics:

To use Google Analytics, the foremost task is to learn how to actually use it. There are different Analytics navigation used. There’s Realtime, Acquisition, Audience, Intelligence Events, Dashboards and Shortcuts. Each having a different purpose.

2.Google Analytics Custom Reports:

The two most appropriate division of custom reports is Audience Custom Report and Keyword Custom Report. Through the Audience Custom Report, you can have a deeper overview of the users who regularly check your website. It is effective with the SEO practice. This Custom Report is kind of linked with the previous one. It covers the specific language and the keywords used in that area. For example, the dialect or language that they or the visitors use as keywords for research.

3. Acquisition:

Coming to the main purpose of a Google Analytics account, Acquisition plays a vital role. How? Well, to check the overview of the traffic coming to your website of course. By clicking on the Acquisition navigation, you’ll get the Overview chart which further opens to other charts. The ‘Source/Medium’ section under that chart would take you into further detail.

4. Keyword Recognition:

The recognition of Keywords is important if you want to learn and report about which keywords are most used by frequent users of your website. Google Analytics has a separate section for it under SEO navigation. ‘Queries’ is the chart under SEO that allows you to check which keyword is searched for the most. Google Analytics recognises the number of times a site’s page was opened because of that specific keyword.

5. Don’t Track Yourself:

Admit it, we all like to admire our own work and re-check it a hundred times to make sure it’s perfect. Well, don’t do it with your own website. Constant rechecking of your website can lead the traffic to change the Analytics information. To stop this from happening, go to the Admin panel > All New Filters > Add New Filter and enter your stable IP Address.

6. Speed:

Everyone’s loves fast downloading. And as much people love it, they could hate it more after the slow downloading speed of your website. To diagnose the speed of your website, go to Speed metrics in Behaviour > Site Speed > Overview.

The important note of a website should be that it should contain only relevant material. The irrelevant material could lead to a lot of unwanted traffic. Plus it’s a time-waster for most users.

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