Millennium Pharmacy wanted a new platform. One that allows prescribers and practitioners to purchase selected cosmetic medicines. And complete all the legal requirements in an online fashion. And a request to provide a platform that had a ‘wet signature’ facility on a digital form. For prescriptions and individual customer discounts that could change per products from the CMS.

The Millennium Challenge

Millennium wanted a new platform that allowed the client to sell online. However, the site would be closed to the public. And only available to selected people. Therefore each order would have to come with a prescription from those selected. And the order was purchased by a second party who would need the data from the first prescription.

Castle not only creating this data migration process. But also had to enable the customer to view their specific prices. Based on their relationship, purchase power and credit with our client. As that person may have multiple addresses for both billing and delivery.

As this platform was only open to people. And with the access and ability to purchase or distribute prescriptions. Thus the system had to be encrypted on every page. To allow each prescriber the ability to store their prescriptions, records, data and order history. Also to have pre-set delivery and billing addresses for the multiple outlets they need to send medication to. That would also all have to be exported to our client for their records.

The Solution

Once all the back-end, options of the platform was built we still needed to create a very user-friendly experience. This meant, creating a ‘store’ that made buying, ordering and prescriptions seem easy. Which fit the client’s request.

Once each order had been made, the next step was validation. And our team had to ensure that each prescription was submitted digitally, signed for and then sent to both the prescriber and practitioner.

The Value

We created a platform that let nurses, doctors and pharmacists the ability to automate 80% of their work. As a result, making a prescription from medicine to a shopping basket. This meant hours of time saved each day. Which would let each user manage Millennium. And become more reliant on our client’s system. Therefore bringing new and repeat users.