Plugins play a vital role in wordpress websites, as they can make or break them. Quality plugins can help you effectively and efficiently run your site. Here are 10 plugins that have been tried and tested by some leading marketers.

  • Just Writing

Just Writing is a great plugin that simplifies copywriting on your site. This plugin introduces key features such as paragraph styling and spellcheck to help you eliminate silly mistakes and speed up the writing process.

  • Pretty Link

Pretty Link allows you to easily track your internal links, shorten links and create redirects. It’s also a good tool for tracking the number of conversions to a link.

  • Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker allows you to quickly identify broken links within your site from one place. This is great for saving time as it allows you to fix broken links directly from the plugin page.

  • Smush

Smush allows you to compress and optimise all of your images in bulk. Their servers do all the work for you, allowing you to keep your pictures high-quality while reducing their file size.

  • Google Analytics by Monster Insights

This plugin makes it easy to track your blog/page performance directly from your WordPress account, rather than going to Google Analytics.

  • Yoast SEO

Yoast is your one-stop-shop for your site’s SEO. This plugin allows you to set up meta descriptions for your webpages, set target keywords, and provides feedback on what you can do to get your pages ranking even higher.

  • W3 Total Cache

Site speed and performance is a problem most marketers come across. This plugin helps increase server performance, reduce load times and provide CTN integration.

Here are just some of top wordpress plugins used by leading marketers all over the world. Struggling to improve the running of your site? Why not give some of these a try.