A business card is more than just a scrap of paper. When people meet at conferences, in a business setting or a bar, it is important to make a good impression. It is also important to convey who we are and this can be done through the help of business cards.

If you are looking to make a good impression, sharing business cards is vital. Thus, business cards are important and it is also important how you design them.

What You Need to Have On Your Business Card


A simple logo doesn’t impress anybody. Thus, try to use graphics and images that spark a connection and conversation both. Try to put in a different image and show your product in the most unique way you can.

Link Both Online and Offline Worlds

A card can help you connect your online and offline worlds. Try to add a QR code that relays your contact information or help people get an insight into your web page. Try to make your cards exceptional by adding a code so that you can deliver an optimal experience.

Add Relevant Social Outposts

Yes, it is the social media world these days and therefore, it is important to add in your Facebook page, YouTube channel or any others on your cards. You can give your friends more information about you through your business cards.

Your Full Name

Don’t go with an alias. Your card should have your full name on it. A person should know, by holding your card, that you are advertising yourself and not anybody else. Therefore, your full name should be there on the card to show who you are. You cannot miss out on this one.


Colours should be a part of your card. Your business card should not be black and white. However, you shouldn’t go oCastleoard with using colours. Keep it simple but use a colour or two to highlight the text or any other pointer in your card.


Your email should be a part of your card. People should know how they can access you and get in touch with you. Therefore, don’t forget to mention your email address. If you have two emails, try to add the email address that you more frequently use.

Use Contact Information Wisely

Your cards should contain the right type of contact information. This means that you should be careful about adding your Facebook ID, LinkedIn URL and your prime email address. Don’t go with adding an extra Gmail account just for the sake of it.

Your Designation

Your designation should be there on your card. Make sure you add it. People would want to know who the person is on the other end so under your name, highlight your designation. Keep it simple.

A Decent Print

Your business card should have a decent print on it. It should, however, be simple. Keep a simple outline or layout but make sure it is there to make your card stand out.


Last but not the least, your card should be made out of decent print material so that people feel like they are holding something important when you hand out your business card to them.

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