Many of us won’t leave the house without our smartphones. What once was a luxury has now become a necessity – how did we ever cope without them?

We use our phones to find information every day, which is why it’s important your website content is mobile optimised. Studies show that 91% of people used their mobile phone in the last day, whilst only 68% used a laptop.

I don’t know about you, but if I come across a website on my phone that’s badly optimised, I’ll quickly go elsewhere to find an easier-to-navigate website. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid people leaving your site and optimise your content.

Keep it short and sweet

If you get a lot of people visiting your site from their mobile phone, having tons of content might not be the best way to go. While many people assume lots of text will mean good information, this isn’t always the case. Give your readers the information they’re looking for in short, simple to read sections. This will show them you offer precise information and are a reliable website. This is much better than giving your visitors a long-winded version and causing them to bounce from your site.

Think about your media

You could fill your site with informative videos, images and infographics to help your information appear more digestible, but on a mobile device, this could be a completely different story. On a smaller screen, your images can be reduced and your infographics can look a mess. Not ideal. So, if you’ve added media files be sure to test them on mobile devices and optimise them any way you can. If they’re cluttering the page on a mobile device, maybe reconsider using them at all.

Give a good first impression

The second a user opens your website they’re making an important decision – are they going to use your site or look elsewhere? Encourage them to stay on your site by clearly laying out your content and showing your visitors exactly what they’ll get from your page. Nobody wants to spend their time scrolling through tons of information – keep it precise.

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