Keep the approach formal

Avoid using social media to contact old leads, instead, use a more formal communications method such as email or phone. In addition, make sure your language and grammar are professional and perfect.

A display of an iPhone, featuring several applications including the mail which has 20 unopened emails.

Read through past interactions with your old leads

You should be keeping notes with every lead you get and every interaction you have with a lead should be reported in these notes. This way you can easily remind yourself of why you weren’t able to convert that lead. This information can be used to explain to the lead how you’ve corrected any issue that got in the way of your last conversion attempt.

Keep messages concise

Most people won’t want to spend long reading an email unless it’s important. Keep your emails concise and to the point with the aim of getting the lead to decide quickly. If it’s long and drawn out, you’re just wasting your time, and theirs.


If a lead doesn’t end up buying, research into their concerns and make notes of them. At a later date, reach out to the lead with the solution to their concern. Not only does this show them your effort, but it also leaves them at a disadvantage as you’ve already seen their cards.

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If you can offer freebies such as the first month free, a guide, a free web tutorial or something else which will get the lead thinking and even using the service or product again.

Make them regret not buying

Show the lead what they missed by not buying. Maybe a success story with your product or service? Say for example in the last meeting you had they declined your service because they thought an area of your business wasn’t up to providing them with the results they need… Showcase how they were wrong with the results of what that area has actually produced.

Kill them with kindness

Follow your leads on social media. If they report an event such as them winning an award, drop them a brief email congratulating them. Many will be more than happy to recommence communication with you after a congratulatory email. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities to engage.

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Monitor complaints

Previous customers might have left because of a certain problem such as price or the lack of a feature, but their needs can change. They might have gotten a promotion and have more disposable income or you might be able to offer a lower price that suits them this time.

Never use clickbait

In 2019, everybody knows about clickbait. Just last night I found myself reading a piece of clickbait. It’s so frustrating! This outdated method will only serve to annoy the lead and make them distrust you and your company further. It’s a big “no-no”. Instead spend time thinking of creative ways to engage leads and entice them into reading about your product or service.