Case Study | How Castle Helped Milennium Pharmacy

Millennium Pharmacy

How did we help Millennium Pharmacy?

The Proposal

Millennium Pharmacy asked Castle to create and design an industry specific Web Portal, separate and distinct from their online and high street presence as a regular pharmacy in order to better accommodate the requirements of their aesthetics department.

The service Millennium Pharmacy needed this automated platform for, was to allow both medical prescribers and practitioners the ability to purchase cosmetic medicines whilst complying with all UK legal requirements. Millennium asked the team to provide them with a design that would allow them to operate: a prescription only medicine system, a store credit system, bespoke pricing, digital signature capabilities, push notification and service worker support.

Millennium also wanted to provide a platform that had features such as: a ‘wet signature’ facility on a digital form for prescriptions, a prescription-only medicine system with account restrictions and a comprehensive bespoke pricing system to integrate within the newly created store credit and content management system (CMS).

Castle suggested that we design and create this new platform with simple and easy features that automate information and carry out calculations in order to assist users, such as generating legally binding prescriptions and signed orders for practitioners, in this way Millennium would reduce the amount of work hours and human resources spent on this process.

The Process

Castle set about creating a data migration process, mindful of the fact that we also had to enable the customer to view their specific prices based on their individual relationship, purchase power and credit with our client including complex and sensitive information such as an organisation or individual having multiple billing and delivery addresses.

As this platform handles sensitive data with the capability to purchase or distribute prescriptions, the system had to be encrypted on every page and allow each prescriber the ability to store their prescriptions, records, data, order history and have pre-set delivery and billing addresses for the multiple outlets they may need to send medication to. That would also all have to be automatically exported to our client for their records.

Once all the back-end framework and structure was built, Castle still had to create a user-friendly user interface with an optimum user experience that made purchasing, ordering and prescribing intuitive and simple. Once each order had been made, the validation period was next. Our team had to ensure that each prescription was digitally submitted, signed for, and a copy sent to both the prescriber and practitioner.

The Results

Essentially, Castle had created a platform that allowed nurses, doctors and pharmacists the ability to automate 80% of their work as a result of generating a legal prescription from selecting medicines into a shopping basket. This meant hours of time for high cost individuals was saved each day, allowing each user to more effectively manage their business and become more reliant on our client’s system, raising sharp increases in new and repeat users.

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