Case Study | How Castle Helped Trade Garage Equipment

Trade Garage Equipment

How did we help Trade Garage Equipment?

The Proposal

Trade Garage Equipment Ltd have been established for more than 30 years, they supply and install top quality garage equipment to the automotive industry.

As part of our marketing consultancy retainer, we were asked to develop a strong sales strategy for Trade Garage Equipment. We believed that arming the 65 sales reps across the UK with the correct sales literature would be the best way to increase turnover, we therefore designed a range of brochures covering the 4 major sections of TGE’s business: Supply, installation, servicing and spares and created a website specifically designed to be used as a catalogue to aid the sales reps in their sales process, visiting clients armed with a live portfolio of products and services.

The Process

Castle faced various difficulties and obstacles including the design and creation of a directory which held 150 pages of brand-new and completely original content. Castle had never delivered such a large product before, one that required such a vast amount of original content creation and attention to detail on hundreds of different products.

To speed up and successfully produce and deliver the bespoke brochure, we appointed a member of our development team to extract all the content we would need directly from supplier websites. Once we had all relevant information from our developer, we produced samples and concepts for the client which were refined quickly and narrowed down to a single design for their brochures.

The four other brochures covered areas such as, lifting equipment, wheel care products, MOT services as well as an effective commercial brochure that promoted the business. These marketing materials succeeded in improving the marketing strategy of the company who saw a huge improvement in their sales reputation and as well as the addition of new clients. Trade Garage Equipment were now able to present their bespoke products with the confidence that customers were regarding TGE as an organisation that offered high-quality and better value for money, services and products.

After designing all of the marketing materials for the company, we also took responsibility for the aftercare printing service for all the brochures Castle designed. TGE received from Castle an all-around design and production service that was successful in improving the quality of their business, their brand awareness, sales leads and even the businesses’ sales reputations and strategies.

Castle was also asked by the client to conduct PR work on their behalf with industry related publications, such as; Tyre Trade News, Transport Operator and Commercial Vehicle Workshop, spotlighting key products, new products and new partnerships, promoting TGE to a wider audience.

The Results

Trade Garage Equipment received over 4,000 marketing materials which have been successfully distributed to 2,500 clients since production during various promotion campaigns and PR within the company. From the professionally designed and produced brochures, the company succeeded in gaining a 150% increase in sales from 2015-2016 due to increased brand awareness and improved promotion of products.

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