Case Study | How Castle Helped Graham Construction

Graham Construction

How did we help Graham Construction?

1. The proposal

Graham Construction have been operating in England since 1985, with an extensive history in Scotland stretching back to the 18th century. During this time, the company has been involved in projects across all of the UK, working for clients in both the public and private sectors. As they were looking to grow and develop the business further and pitch for more projects, they wanted to redesign their corporate collateral, including tender documents and corporate presentations, so that they would be reflective of the profile of the company.


2. The process

First of all, Castle looked at the corporate documents that Graham Construction had previously been using to communicate with clients, and suggested that we should design templates for tender documents as well as slide decks and document templates for use in corporate presentations.

We then worked closely with the teams at Graham Construction that were involved in the bidding process for new projects. Our goal was to ensure that the designs for the tender documents contained all the aspects that would be required when submitting a tender for a new project. We created a template with clear sections that could be edited quickly, so that it could be tailored to each new project while still containing all relevant information. We also created a video marketing package designed to showcase the latest construction project, which was the development of the Cheshire Horseshoe Bus Station. The video is designed to show the scale of the project, as well as the progress achieved over the timeline of the development. This was delivered in 1080p, so that it was HD ready and could be used across different media including the website, as well as for display at events and to be shown to clients.


3. The results

By creating the corporate documents for Graham Construction, we were able to provide their teams with materials that were reflective of the history and expertise the company had gained over many years working on high-level projects across the UK and Ireland. By creating templated solutions for their tender and corporate presentations, we allowed the employees at Graham Construction to save time when bidding for a project or putting together a client presentation without losing any relevant content and still maintaining the high standards expected.

The video marketing package showcased their newest project in a brief but comprehensive and engaging way, delivered in a format that allows use across multiple channels, increasing the reach and longevity of the materials.

A screnshot of a mac with the Graham homepage featured on the Mac screen.

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